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Top 5 Best Police Cars In The World

Top 5 Best Police Cars

By MA KhalidPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Top 5 Best Police Cars In The World

A hunter’s glory would lie primarily in the thrill of the chase and not necessarily in the capture. Race car drivers of the highest of specs in terms of the motor industry has tried and tested the world’s finest in automobiles, however being privileged to be behind the steering wheel of one the world’s best police cars grants a police officer has the license to speed which would mean dooms day for the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ felon that wants to show off his daddy’s money in the form of his attention grabbing sports car.

There are a list of thousands of vehicles that have been tweaked for speed, riveting performance and exhilarating power that’s built and tested to be taken to extremes.

1. Somerset Police Force – Ariel Atom Formula 1 Car

The vehicle reputed as the world's fastest police car is also acknowledged as one of the most exceptional police cars available. The name "Atom" alone conveys that this particular police car is a remarkable vehicle, not to be taken for granted. Its distinct Formula 1 racing-style appearance, adorned with the Somerset Police logo and other striking and appealing graphics, would attract the attention of any onlooker, regardless of their visual capabilities. Furthermore, the sound of the vehicle as it tears through the air is an unmistakable indication of its presence. Given the prevalence of standard police cars on the road, the Somerset Police's acquisition of this exceptional vehicle sets it apart as one of the world's fastest and best police cars, making it unique in every way. The fact that most people worldwide may not have heard of this magnificent, rare Atom car is not uncommon knowledge.

2. Dubai Police Force Vehicles

The perception of Dubai's police force and their choice of vehicles may be subject to underestimation and disregard. Commonly depicted in Bollywood movies are Indian Tuk-Tuks, police Jeeps, and Mahindra Scorpios, leading to the question of what type of vehicles the Dubai police force actually employs. Despite being an Indian country, Dubai possesses a remarkable taste in the world's finest and fastest cars, making them accredited for their exquisite taste and for possessing some of the most expensive cars in the world. In contrast, even the American police force has yet to consider such vehicles.

The Dubai police force's use of luxury vehicles, such as the BMW i8, illustrates their fondness for supercars and futuristic automobiles. In contrast to common perceptions, Dubai's police force boasts one of the best selections of police cars in the world.

3. United States National Police Force Vehicles

“YES WE CAN!” – If the President Barack Obama , then that statement is made famous and more especially speaks for itself in many ways unimaginable. This simply means that there is a driving force of Americans that stands in unity as “United” in the United States of America suggests and also that anything is possible.

On the basis of Americans historical aspects as well as present day occurrences, they are known for putting in place the most finest and intelligent in counteractions in all aspects to leverage almost every type of system out there. Apart from it hosting some of the world’s most elite and highly trained police forces in the world, you bet they also have some of the world’s best police cars of the world too. It’s absolutely no surprise that they have invested in some upgrades to their police vehicle system instead of the common old police cruisers and ‘county blues’ as they are dubbed on the streets by thugs and gangsters who obviously oppose to authority figures which is why this time round the Police of the United States decided to add some ‘swag’ to their rides to pull up next to thugs and low-riders of the Bronx with a little bit of style which also gains and demands their respect too. The least they would be respected for is their rides if not the fact that they are law enforcers who have made careers out of catching them.

4. Germany Police Force Vehicles

Everybody around the world has seen or been lucky to have driven in the century success of BMW and automatically have felt the bliss of owning or riding in a German Spec vehicle. Germans are also widely known to the world as the more serious, prim and proper as well as attention to detail perfectionists in everything they say and do and we have seen the blatant examples of this in their mastery craftsmanship in their masterpiece world renowned vehicles. “German Spec” has been made infamous as a reputation that instantly links to Brilliance in the motor industry.

5. United Kingdom Police Vehicles

Not many countries have the privilege of having a queen as their representative, but London is fortunate enough to have one of its own. However, the city is also plagued with gang crime involving luxury vehicles and other valuable assets, which is why the United Kingdom Police has responded by upgrading their police vehicles, resulting in a wide range of models. In fact, some of the best police cars in the world can be found in the UK.

Let us examine some of the models that the UK police have in their collection. One of their top picks is the McLaren 12C, a supercar that is considered to be the leader of the pack in the UK police force. In fact, a fleet of these supercars has been introduced to the force. Another rare car that has Scottish pride and is comparable to the McLaren is the Caparo T1. Despite its exclusivity, this car can still attract the admiration of criminals or speed racers due to its beauty.

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