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The Impact of a Bad Catalytic Converter on Your BMW’s Performance from Certified Mechanics in Houston

BMW car catalytic converter

By Bimmer PerformancePublished 9 months ago 4 min read

Nowadays, a lot of importance is being given to minimizing the level of pollution caused due to our day-to-day activities and that is why all the modern cars including your BMW is coming equipped with many advanced parts that help in reducing the level of toxic gases emitted by your luxury car while driving.

One such highly important part of your BMW is the catalytic converter which plays a leading role in controlling the emissions from your car by converting the poisonous gases produced during the combustion process into less toxic ones before the gases are released through the tailpipe of your BMW.

However, the catalytic converter is also prone to various issues like other mechanical parts in your high-end car. The failure of the catalytic converter can affect your BMW’s performance in multiple ways. Here in this article, we will discuss the impact of a bad catalytic converter on your BMW shared with us by certified mechanics in Houston.

Poor Acceleration

One of the glaring signs associated with a bad catalytic converter that you are going to experience is in the form of poor acceleration in your car. The BMW is known for its performance and any drop in the level of performance is evident immediately.

The moment you press the accelerator pedal of your vehicle you are not going to get the same kind of response you used to get when the catalytic converter was functioning optimally. The engine experiences a sudden loss of power and your acceleration will be quite sluggish.

The problem is mostly caused due clogging of the catalytic converter which acts as an impediment in the process of entering clean air and expelling exhaust gases from your car. The clogged catalytic converter can be cleaned by a BMW specialist with the use of advanced tools.

Reduced Fuel Mileage

Another prominent problem that is caused due to bad catalytic converter in your BMW is a drastic reduction in the miles per gallon of your vehicle. Mostly BMW drivers don’t pay any heed to the fuel economy of their cars thinking that as these cars are sporty ones they are meant to burn gas.

However, keeping a tab on the fuel mileage of your car has got its own benefits because if there is anything wrong with some particular parts of your BMW, then there will be a sudden drop in the fuel economy of your vehicle and this typical situation is observed whenever the catalytic converter fails in your vehicle.

This is because the engine of your car is dependent on the data sent by the oxygen sensor for adjusting the air-to-fuel mixture in the combustion chambers which helps in the efficient running of your car. However, with a faulty catalytic converter, the O2 sensor encounters issues with its functioning leading to erroneous readings & which adversely affects the mileage of your car.

Starting Issues

Most of the time it is observed that issues with the functioning of the catalytic converter also cause problems with the starting of the vehicle. Whenever the catalytic converter gets clogged, the exhaust gases produced during the combustion process don’t find any way to get out of the car.

This leads to various issues in your vehicle and you will also experience starting issues. At times, you will face difficulty in starting your car and in other instances, though your car will start, you will face stalling while driving and your car will also start sputtering.

Now, diagnosing issues with the catalytic converter can be pretty hard to diagnose on its own and you must seek assistance from a qualified mechanic to diagnose and fix your catalytic converter.

Illumination of Check Engine Light

Your BMW comes equipped with many advanced warning systems that warn you about potential issues in your car. One such warning system is the check engine light located on the dashboard of your car that illuminates whenever it detects any issues that have a direct bearing on the functioning of the engine.

The check engine light will illuminate on the dashboard due to a faulty catalytic converter. However, the problem with the warning light is that it can come on due to a host of factors and without proper scanning equipment & code reader, it will become difficult to ascertain the exact reason behind the illumination of the warning light.


The above-discussed factors are some of the impacts that you are going to experience in your BMW due to a bad catalytic converter. Addressing the issues with the functioning of the catalytic converter is very important because the cost of replacing the catalytic converter is very high and can burn a hole in your maintenance budget.


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