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Transmission Excellence: Essential Steps for Volvo Car Transmission Service and Care

Volvo Car Transmission Service and Care

By Southwest AutoPublished about a month ago 3 min read

When you hear the word transmission many queries may come into your mind, like what is a transmission? Where has it been situated inside your Volvo car? What are the key responsibilities that it performs? What signs does a faulty transmission show? And how to maintain the transmission system to run your Volvo car smoothly?

A brief note about the transmission of your Volvo car

Another word for your car’s transmission is the gearbox and its work is to pass on the power from the engine motor to the wheels of your car. Generally, Volvo manufacturers manufacture both manual and automatic transmission systems.

In Volvo’s manual gear, you have to press the clutch, move the gear stick, and then release the clutch to move your car whereas in Volvo’s automatic gear, there is no engagement of the clutch. Your gear can automatically be shifted according to your car’s speed.

Red flags of the transmission system of your Volvo car and its maintenance guidelines

Gearbox fluid seepage:

Gearbox oil helps you with the easy handling of the transmission system by redirecting the energy from the engine motor to the wheels while shifting the gear stick. The gear oil shields the components of the gearbox by lubricating them to prevent the components from getting rubbed against each other and producing excess heat due to friction.

Transmission fluid leakage causes loss of oil, pollution of oil by external dust, hardness of the gear stick, overheating inside the transmission system, burning odor while ignition, and reduced hydraulic pressure which leads to drastic changes in the overall driving experience.

If you feel any of the above issues or moreover any oily spots under your Volvo car while parked then there may be a leakage in your gaskets, seals, cooler lines, or pan bolts. Repair or replace the damaged components of the transmission system with the help of a qualified mechanic and don’t forget to provide him with your car’s manual for reference.

Warning light flickering:

The check engine light (CEL) flickers on the dashboard if there are some issues in the engine motor or the transmission system of your car. If you notice sudden signs like wrong gear shifting, faulty gear sensor, or slipping gear stick then the warning lights are flickering for transmission defects, not for engine defects.

Insufficient or poor-quality gear oil, over-warming in gearbox, and defective gearbox components like valves, clutch packs, solenoids, etc are the reasons for the illumination of the check engine light.

Don’t ever avoid the check engine light or other dashboard warning lights, as your car conveys all its problems through these lights only. Take your car to the nearest Volvo workshop immediately and ask the mechanic to take a quick inspection of your transmission system as well as the engine motor. If any component requires repair or replacement ask the mechanic to do the same.

Unusual noises:

When put on the gear, a mild humming sound comes from the transmission system. That humming sound does not seem unpleasant or unusual. But when you hear a loud buzzing, whining, or grinding noise while shifting the gear stick by pressing the clutch or speeding up your car then your Volvo car needs proper troubleshooting for this.

Electrical issues like dysfunctional sensors or faulty solenoids; gear fluid discharge due to rusted gaskets, broken seals, tiny holes in valves or loose pan bolts; impaired components like a gear stick, clutch assembly, worn-out bearings, etc result in above strange noises. Ultimately your car loses its power and runs inefficiently with no proper acceleration or braking capacity.

It is advisable to seek professional help for repairing or replacing damaged components. Do not wait for those components to worsen. Always inspect the warning signs yourself and try to fix general issues at home by referring to your car’s manual.

Wrapping up

In this article, three main defects as well as many casual defects have been discussed. Thank you for staying connected till the end. Make sure that you will always take care of your transmission system just like your engine motor, as the gearbox is also very vital for the running of your Volvo car.


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