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by Diana Cr 3 years ago in tv review

Analyzing Toyota's Commercial

For most people purchasing a new car is a big decision, equal to buying a new house and paying for education. Some people like to make sure that they are ready to purchase a car, and people always want what best fits their commodities. This advertisement is by Toyota and introduces their brand new model Prius 2017, 4th generation. This advertisement was first broadcasted on TV during the Super Bowl in 2016. The author assumes that the ad will have a big impact, because many people will watch it due to football season. Many NFL fans are broadcasting the game on TV and online. The ad portrays all the qualities that make this model the best option in the market. According to the ad, the Prius 4 has the commodities that best fit for everyone’s interest, such as fast speed, great gas mileage, extremely spacious and comfortable for long road trips. The new Prius 4 model is everything you have been looking for.

The target audience is NFL fans and any other TV viewers during the Super Bowl in 2016. The ad was viewed by millions of people, which were broadcasting the game at the time in 2016. The ad targeted primarily NFL fans, mainly focused on U.S. Although, the reason why the ad was released during the Super Bowl, was to be viewed by a broader audience. The target demographic for the ad involves gender, age, and ethnicity of all who viewed the game. The Super Bowl commercials, are known to be transcendental because of their funny input and broad TV audience during this season.

The ethical appeal that this ad portrays is partially unclear. In the first scene of the ad, four guys are robbing a bank. The security alarm turns on and it appears that either by bad luck or incompetence, their car is being towed as they come out of the bank with the bags of stolen money. As they run away from the crime scene, they come across a red Toyota Prius 4, 2017 in a public parking lot. They stole the car, and in its place, they left a bag of money along with a note that says, “Thank You” directed to the owner. Hence, portraying that they are not such bad guys. Through the ad, they do not appear to be armed or harm anyone. Also, they feel sorry for taking someone’s car and leaving the bag of money is their way to make it up to that person, these actions show how they empathize with the owner. While the ethical appeals in this ad were negative, the logical appeals have a solid presence in the ad.

The logical appeal is shown through the ad in a unique and funny way, entertaining and catching the audience’s attention. In the second scene, the four robbers are inside the Prius as they are being chased by the cops. When one of them says, “Is this a Prius?” which introduces the model of the car to the audience. The tone of the individual is one of uncertainty as it appears that the new model breaks with the stereotype of "Prius have an ugly design." Instead, in the video, we can see a nice white leather interior. Another individual compliment the model calling it “spacious.” This is Toyota’s way to bring up that their model is spacious and comfortable. Toyota also implies that their brand new model is good at handling. As the cops are chasing the Prius, it appears to be a sharp curve ahead and the Prius smoothly handles the curve with ease. While the police cars struggle to follow through the sharp curve. Then, a police report the Prius through the police radio as “pretty fast” and another officer responds “very funny.” This scene implies that the Prius, despite being a hybrid, is a fast model, breaking off another stereotype that associates hybrids as slow cars. Hybrids are not known to be fast cars, yet in this ad, the Prius 4 is fast and can be easily maneuvered. The pursuit continues, and the Prius 4 appears to be road blocked by a group of cops ahead, while another unit is following them. The cops think they have caught the robbers since they have them surrounded. Until the driver throws the car in reverse and steps on the gas making a 180-degree turn. Then, facing the cops that were following them, the driver manages to maneuver through all the cops, as they head to the highway. The news reporters have now broadcasted the police chase of the Prius, as it is becoming the new sensation. Toyota throws out another indirect statistic by demonstrating, the Prius 4 has outstanding mpg in both; the city and the highway. The Prius is being pursued on the highway, yet the police cars have run out of gas. While the Prius gets away with almost a full tank. The engine of the model is very smooth and quiet. In the last scene at night, there is a group of cops road blocking the Prius ahead once again, but they seem to have fallen asleep. The smooth and quiet design of the Prius 4 engine allows them to discretely pass through the cops without being discovered. While the logical appeals in this ad were convincing, the emotional appeals also have a strong presence in the ad.

The emotional appeal of the ad is how the model arouses the cheer of the audience. Through the ad, we can see how people start vouching for the Prius. Scenes where people come together to the bridge or the park cheering for the Prius with posters that say, “Go Prius 4” or “We Love Prius.” Hence, portraying that the model is suitable for anyone including families. The Prius is the hot new sensation as its being shown in many different regions. For example, the different scenes where the TV channels show an interview with a woman who’s proud of owning a Prius. A kid who is opening his birthday present and it is a miniature version of the Prius. A Spanish-speaking channel that shows the correct answer as Prius and the woman had just won the contest. Toyota’s brand new model being pursued by cops is comical. The ad portrays an unrealistic and funny image of the new model.

In the end of the last scene, the robbers appear to get away. The Prius drives away into the sunrise. The letters on the sky “The all-new Prius” marks the end of the advertisement. The Prius 4 model is depicted as a “do-it-all”. It has a nice leather interior, spacious, suitable for family and friends, a quiet engine, reverse camera, smart sensor control for when the car is veering off the road, and a control break. The advertisement successfully introduces the new Prius 4, 2017 in a fun and efficient way, bringing laughs and capturing the audience’s attention from beginning to end. Riding a car as basic transportation is completely necessary, that is why finding a car that suits your interest is relatively important. It can be an enjoyable experience, and with Toyota’s brand new model Prius 4, it can be economically, safe, and fast. Is there really anything that the Prius 4 cannot do?

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Diana Cr
Diana Cr
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