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Talking You Through the Different Types of Turbochargers!

A turbocharger is, thus, a simple, relatively inexpensive, extra bit that will help to extract more power from the same car engine. It works on a principle that’s quite similar to a piston engine.

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

First and foremost, do you know what a turbocharger is? Have you ever noticed cars zoom past you with fumes coming out of their tailpipes? Yes, the first reaction will obviously be shaking your head at the air pollution and waste of energy being caused. This exhaust is a mixture of hot gases and energy that’s uselessly getting discharged into the atmosphere. Wouldn’t it be much better if the engine of the vehicle had the power to harness this energy and utilise it to make the car go faster! Well, there’s good news for you, as a turbocharger does just that.

A turbocharger is, thus, a simple, relatively inexpensive, extra bit that will help to extract more power from the same car engine. It works on a principle that’s quite similar to a piston engine. A turbocharger is basically powered by waste energy in the exhaust, and so it’s a totally win-win situation for the vehicle as well as the environment. It’s simply driving the same engine to burn out the fuel at a faster rate, and hence making the car much more powerful. They also burn fuel with more oxygen, and they tend to burn it in a more thorough and clean way, ultimately reducing air pollution. So, if you want the betterment of your car as well as the environment, go for turbochargers like Navara D22 Turbo. Demon Pro Parts is an Australia based company and specialises in the supply of turbochargers and performance parts of vehicles. Their warehouses stock various kinds of turbochargers, and you can either get it as an off-the-shelf product, or order a customized product.

Types of Turbochargers You Should Know About!

Turbochargers undoubtedly offer a great return on investment. A good turbo can provide that much needed oomph, without the requirement to increase the engine capacity. This results in much lesser fuel and emissions. But there are certain things to keep in mind—like reaching the boost threshold or the issue of turbo lag. But, love it or hate it, turbochargers are here to rule. You can choose your kind depending on your car’s make and model. For example, if you own a Nissan car, Patrol ZD30 Turbo is the one for you.

  • Single Turbo: This is the simplest and most common type of the lot. Owing to its basic configurations, it’s the cheapest, but not the most efficient. You have to either choose a smaller turbo which will kick in lower down on the rev department. This will provide a decent low-down torque. Or you will have to go for a larger one that will offer more top-end power. But, in both the cases, there will be a narrow boost range and a lag issue.
  • Sequential Turbo: Having to choose between a small low-end or a big high-end turbocharger can be quite daunting. The better solution is to go for both, one small and one large. So, the small one will provide an early kick-in, and the big one will provide the top-end grunt. But, the downside of it is an engine setup that’s quite expensive and complex.
  • VGT Turbo: A variable geometric turbo (VGT) is one of the most expensive and complex options, mostly present in diesel engines. It has a ring of vanes which are capable of altering the area-to-radius ratio according to the changing revolutions of the engine. This creates more pressure and velocity for an effective turbo, a wider boost range and less turbo lag.
  • Electric Turbo: This one of the recently developed turbo types. These are the new age turbo having electrical compressors. These compressors give an instant boost to the engine until the turbocharger has done enough. This makes the issue of turbo lags a thing of the past. But yes, there’s also the fact that this is an expensive system and complex to be implemented.

So, these were the common turbo configurations you can choose from. Manufacturers are coming with newer and more innovative solutions to provide you with turbochargers that do a great job. By this, we mean an effective rev range and lesser lag issues. But at the same time, you have to pay the price in money and in complexity terms. So, having said all of that, it’s finally your call!

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