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The Tesla is an electric vehicle that many people have connected the name of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. Many people also know that Elon Musk made the Tesla to honor the creator of AC electricity. However, there are many people that do not know Nikola Tesla is also called the father of scalar energy, was one of the greatest geniuses of all time and one of the world’s most gifted inventors. He developed ideas and technologies which were far ahead of his time. Many argue that Tesla singlehandedly created the 21st century.

Tesla proposed two types of energy that existed in the cosmos: scalar and electromagnetic energy. Because of the lack of technology to detect scalar energy, electromagnetic energy was more widely accepted and utilized. To prove scalar energy existed, Tesla experimented with abrupt discharges of electrostatic potentials, which released scalar energy from the vacuum of space also known as the “ether”. Tesla referred to “scalar energy” as “radiant energy” and felt that this was the primal force in the universe.

Until recently, the ideas behind many of his most innovative inventions were shrouded in mystery but recently, a German physicist has developed an elegant theory that derives much of Tesla’s work.

Scalar Energy has been found to promote healing in the body by subtle energy frequencies. Scalar Energy is created naturally; however, it can also be artificially engineered. The energy form of scalar waves has the ability to carry information which is why it has had such a profound effect on the human body. Over the years, research has discovered the many potential healing properties of scalar energy, making way for ‘energy medicine’ It has the potential to pass itself onto nearby items and repair itself when broken down. Aside from this, it is believed to have limitless possibilities. It is always available, free, and renewable and so there is never a shortage in supply.

The original discovery of scalar energy dates back to the 19th century where mathematical genius, James Clark Maxwell developed quantum physics. Albert Einstein continued this work and discovered “The Theory of Relativity”. Many years after that, Nikola Tesla actually demonstrated the existence of this energy. He worked to harness this energy without the need for wires. Because of these findings, Tesla is generally considered as the Father of electromagnetics, also known as Scalar Energy or as according to Tesla, Radiant Energy. Tesla believed that when this energy is harnessed correctly it had endless possibilities.

Ralph Bergstresser was extremely interested in free energy, or Zero Position Energy, as it is now called in scientific circles. Bergstresser carefully studied anything written about Nikola Tesla's experiments, and attended many of the lectures given by Tesla. Eventually, they were introduced and quickly became friends due to like interest in free energy. Over the next 20 years until Tesla's death, they had numerous conversations on the process of tapping into free energy. After Tesla's death, Bergstresser was able to discover the secret of altering the aluminum in the Positive Energy Plates from clues and notations in Tesla's notebooks. Ralph studied how currents of certain frequencies influence certain materials and reached a discovery that strong low-frequency currents, passed through aluminum, create an antenna and transmitter from aluminum for cosmic energy. He reached the conclusion that a strong tachyon field is created (tachyon-hypothetical particle faster than light) which cures, speeds up the process of cell regeneration and spiritual growth. Afterwards colored in purple color (healing part of the rainbow spectrum), he created the first purple plate. Considering that Tesla thought him practically everything regarding electricity, Bergstresser gave it its popular name – Tesla purple plate, as a sign of gratitude to Nikola Tesla.

In later years, researchers such as Andrija Puharich conducted laboratory experiments to determine the effect it has on the body. What this German researcher found was the scalar energy had the potential to enhance both the immune and endocrine systems. Another researcher, Dr. Glen Rein, found that it was shown to increase the growth of certain white blood cells, proving that this energy was indeed capable to positively improve the body’s immune response.

Rochester University teacher, Robert Jacobs, found that scalar energies affect the living organism. He discovered:

•At certain periodicity, viruses and bacteria can be destroyed when scalar energy is applied

•It speeds up tissue regeneration and accelerates wound healing

•Inflammation can be largely reduced

•The immune system is strengthened

The Science of Scalar Energy

Scalar energy is the result of 2 frequencies that are identical in make-up come together from opposite directions and collide. This cancels out any free movement and a stationary energy field is created. This energy field is static. Scalar energy consists of circles of energy that radiate outwards in a balanced network. It creates a field of energy systems that are alive. Nikola Tesla had planned to use scalar energy as a wave carrier for telecommunications, for example, the radio. This would rule out the need for wires. He was able to power an automobile through transmitters receiving scalar energy waves and being transferred to the engine of the car. Medically, it has the ability to break down molecular bonds of bacteria and fungi. It neutralizes radiation and other harmful man-made electromagnetic frequencies associated with the human body. It is these frequencies that cause illnesses and imbalance in the body

There are many purported benefits of scalar energy

•Hydrogen bonds of DNA are strengthened by increasing the energy that holds them together which prevents damage

•Immune system functioning can be improved

•Radiating energy has a positive effect on the brain as the 2 halves become balanced. This improves mental focus and directly affects neurotransmitters, acting as a natural antidepressant for the brain.

•Cell membranes vibrate an electrical charge that allows nutrients to move in and toxins and waste to move out at optimal levels of efficiency.

•The body’s cells are energized and overall, the body is encouraged to function at increasingly high levels.

•Inflammation in the body is reduced.

•The blood profile is rejuvenated and blood flow is promoted with increased oxygen being circulated. Blood pressure is also regulated.

Because it can be transferred into products or items, energy can be stored in objects like holographic discs. By harnessing the frequencies of scalar energy, the medical field has seen remarkable relief for conditions such as arthritis, depression, muscular and joint pain, and overall body dysfunctions. A scalar pendant, for example, is programmed with natural minerals and iodine as well as scalar energy. By combining this energy with holographic technology, the thermal temperature of the body is altered through acupuncture meridians in the body. This encourages healing and the restoration of balance within the body. Scalar energy thus makes way for healing devices that do not require drugs, machines, or chemicals.

The impact of subtle energy is still to be recognized throughout the science field. It remains an untapped resource in the medical field despite its benefits and properties. At Miracle Balance, we’re on a path to fully harness the power of energy medicine and using it to change the lives of our customers by counteracting negative energy forces and promoting energy levels to a point of harmony.

Western medicine continues to believe that our body communicates through the nervous system, enzymes, hormones. etc. But a German biophysicist, Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that our body is run by biophotons, electrical information that is conducted throughout the whole body that travels faster than the speed of light.

The first part of scalar technology is to read your morphogenic field. Every single cell/ organ system in any living thing is encompassed and surrounded by its own individual morphogenetic field encryption pattern. Morphogenic fields, which organize the bodies of animals and plants through vibration patterns, are made up of scalar energy.

This includes everything from your past injuries, the present state of being, and even what is manifesting now that can affect you in the future. This tool provides assessment with a breadth and depth we have not experienced elsewhere.

While there are various energy and medical devices on the market, most use the electromagnetic components of the wave which alter the cell and distort the end result. Our exclusive technology is based on Nikola Tesla’s discovery of scalar waves which provides the extremely accurate read on the device tapping into what is known as the unified field or zero point energy field which results in NO distortions. The precision and safety of scalar technology are profound.

The Tesla Purple Plates are one of the very popular, maybe even the most popular products in the field of alternative medicine. Tesla plate and disc improve physical and mental energy, state of mind, body, and soul and help in many medical and health conditions. Many users from all over the World witness amazing positive experiences.

Ralph Bergstresser never wanted to patent Tesla purple plate because of the reason: to create a Tesla plate, it is necessary to apply a natural physical effect; for this reason – it is impossible to patent the Tesla plate by anyone. There are some other manufacturers that compete over the Tesla plate and claim it as their own, but this is not the truth.

Over 47 years on the world market, sold in over 50 million units in the world, Tesla Purple Plates and Tesla Purple Discs are the most recognizable assets in the field of alternative medicine. Tesla Purple Plates and discs improve the general state of body, mind, and soul and help in the treatment of:





•injuries and pain

•distortion and distension

•spondylosis and arthritis




•speed up cell regeneration

•elevate energy level

•improve physical and mental energy

•protect from electromagnetic radiation

•speed up spiritual development and more…

purple plates.

"All matter comes from primary substance – luminiferous ether.” Nikola Tesla said. Precisely that invention Ralph Bergstresser made over 40 years ago with the help of discoveries he received from Nikola Tesla and because of that, the plate carries the name of Nikola Tesla, as a sign of gratitude and Bergstresser’s way to repay Tesla. Tesla purple plates and discs act as an antenna of cosmic energy, like receiver and transmitter of primary substance and in that way manage to penetrate into any matter of organic nature. Many users from all over the world testify to us amazing positive experiences that they received by using Tesla plates and Tesla discs, and in fact, it is impossible to list all the benefits it can bring to you.

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Fabian Ellis

I have a Master’s Degree in Business and Bachelor in Art and Mathematics. I've proudly served in two branches of the armed forces, the Navy (Enlisted) and the Marines (Officer). I'm a writer and an inventor who enjoys creating new ideas.

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