Kia Picanto Malaysia


Kia Picanto Malaysia

More fashionable elements

As an A-Segment hatchback, it can be said to be the one with the most complete equipment and design on the market. In addition to the eye-catching colors such as lime green and bee yellow, the new Picanto has a new headlight design, built-in LED daytime running lights, and LED taillights. The taillights are presented in a long C shape, and its water tank protects. The hood is narrowed, and the whole car is more fashionable.

The Picanto body size is 3595mm in length, 1595mm in width and 1485mm in height. The wheelbase is 2400, which is 15mm longer than the previous generation. It strives to shorten the distance with the opponent. The "tiger nose" of Kia Motors' new Picanto front is slightly different from other models in the family. The tiger nose is narrowed. Below, the large air outlet of its anti-collision bar is presented in a way that is narrow above and wide below, so that its fog lamps are also presented in an inverted manner to harmonize the overall visual effect.

The screen can support returning car photography

Looking at its safety equipment first, this car has 6 airbags. In addition to the 2 front seats, it also has 4 side air curtains. Generally, this is only equipped for large cars. In addition, its driving safety system is not too much, like anti-lock braking system, brake assist system, traction control system, electronic stability driving control system, uphill assist system, etc. are all standard equipment, super Value for money.

The interior design is not too much, the oval-shaped air-conditioning outlet is refreshing, and the 7-inch touch screen supports Apple Carplay, Android Auto Ready and Bluetooth. In addition, there are MP3, AUX and USB slots, which can meet the needs of today's technology. The screen can support car shooting. In terms of audio, there are 6 speakers in the car, which meets the demand for music enjoyment.

The brand new steering wheel is presented as a family, and the left and right sides can be controlled by buttons for audio and instrument information. Other equipment in the car, such as the ISOFIX child seat bracket, has a retreat warning. Other standard equipment includes a button-type engine start, a keyless door system, and an automatic folding side mirror.

Larger loading space

In order to solve the load problem, the rear seat can adopt a 60:40 method to increase the load space. This depends on the advantage of its rear seat lying flat, and 2 small folding bicycles are no problem. Small cars may be inconvenient for people with a strong body to get in and out of the car, but in order to solve this problem, Picanto moved the front seat 5mm and lowered it by 10mm to increase the space.

As mentioned above, the wheelbase has been lengthened by 15mm, which causes the front wheels to move forward, which also helps increase the compartment space, magically giving this car more space. Its heart uses a 1.2Lkappa naturally aspirated engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission system with a maximum power of 84 horsepower (PS) and a peak torque of 121.6 Nm. For a small car, a 4-speed automatic transmission is more than enough. During a long drive, I saw its long-distance strength.

Good stability of the car

On the roundabout suburban road, the direction assistance force is just right, coupled with the good support of the suspension system, it is straightforward to cut into the corner, but the roar is slightly louder under acceleration.

Turn on the highway on the return journey, and accelerate to 150km/h. The car body is still stable. After accelerating up to 170km/h, it is still handy. The stability of the car is reassuring. Compared with the opponent, the car will not be strong at this speed. Shake, this is its strength.

This is due to the increase in the strength of its chassis. According to data, its chassis is made of super-rigid rigid materials, reaching 44%, which is double the previous generation. The rigid materials of the overall body are also increased by 12%, and the rigid materials of the chassis are even higher. 32%, which really improves driving safety and stability.

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