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How Tourists Could Get Around Doha

Your Choices for Navigating an Absorbing City

By Aurora GiannaPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Diego Delso, Bahía de Doha, Catar, 2013-08-04, DD 06, CC BY-SA 3.0

The attractive city of Doha would be a captivating metropolis to explore, offering many absorbing experiences for the visitor. There would be several efficient ways to get around Qatar's capital, with the local systems of public transport being outstanding; the form of transport that you choose would depend on your personal priorities. Described below are your main options for getting around this entrancing city.

By Metro / tram

You will find that Doha’s Metro links many parts of the metropolis, with the network extending from Lusail in the city’s north to Hamad International Airport towards the south; it would also extend inland to Education City and Aspire Park. Visitors would notice that the local metro stations would be large, clean and efficient. 

There would be three kinds of metro carriages, namely Gold (reserved for the use of Gold members), Family (for the use of families, women or couples) and Standard (which anybody may use). To use the metro, you would be obliged to avail yourself of a Doha Metro Card; one of these cards could be used to tap in as well as out at metro stations, in addition to the local buses. 

You may also use the tram system to get about this city; in many ways, this system would be identical to the metro, except that you would have to tap in when boarding the tram, rather than at the tap barrier as in the metro system.

By bus 

You could also use the bus system to make your way around Doha. If you find that the metro network doesn’t extend to your desired destination in the city, you will often be able to reach it by bus. You may use the local bus schedule or Google Maps for assistance when using this mode of transport.

An attractive option for those who have limited time to explore the city would be travelling on the hop-on hop-off bus system which would take you to virtually all of the city’s major attractions, including Souq Waqif, Katara Cultural Village and the National Museum of Qatar. As the ticket for this service would be valid for a full 24 hours, you may spend an entire day sightseeing and experiencing these attractions. Additionally, you would benefit from an audio guide that would provide commentary on the places you would visit as well. 

By dhow boat and ferry 

Another interesting travel option for visitors to Doha would be travelling on a dhow boat, a sailing vessel traditionally used in the region. In addition to taking you to various destinations, a ride on a dhow would be a unique experience for visitors, offering a fresh perspective of the nation's capital. You would have the opportunity to board a dhow at the Corniche; there would be other boat rides that you could experience in the city as well. Interestingly, you also get Doha luxury hotels which you could reach by boat or luxury catamaran ferry such as Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.

By taxi 

Travelling by taxi in Doha would be another option for the visitor who seeks comfort and convenience. Additionally, the local taxis would typically be relatively reasonably priced. A good option would be using the convenient Karwa app to avail yourself of a taxi; the Karwa taxis would be readily recognizable by their turquoise colour. By using this option, you would be able to make your payment by card and you would be likely to find that the amount to be paid would match the figure estimated on the app. However, for the cheapest cost, the option of choice would be the standard white taxis; just keep in mind that the drivers of these vehicles probably wouldn’t accept cards and you would be obliged to pay in cash. Also, keep in mind Uber services are available in Doha too, so you will have plenty of options when it comes to travelling by taxi.


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