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How to Travel Around Oman

The Most Appealing Transport Options for Visitors

By Aurora GiannaPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
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The charming nation of Oman would have much to offer for the adventurous visitor including cultural attractions, sightseeing highlights, delicious foods and so on. However, to make the most of your visit to this destination, you would have to experience its various regions. In this regard, there would be several transportation options for getting about this country; the principal modes of transportation that are available in Oman are described below.

By car 

Probably, the optimal way of getting about Oman would be hiring a car of your own and driving it yourself or perhaps availing yourself of the services of a driver cum guide. Should you wish to drive your rented car yourself, there would be several matters to keep in mind. 

You will find that there would be a comprehensive modern road network that extends to most regions of the nation. However, you should keep in mind that some local drivers may have rather relaxed driving styles and that you should always exercise caution whilst driving. Additionally, there would be stringent penalties for driving infringements; for instance, evading a red light would result in a two-day spell in jail and not wearing your seat belt would result in an instant fine. The car rental itself should be fairly inexpensive and a transnational car rental agency would provide you with added peace of mind. 

By bus or micro 

You would find that all of the nation’s major cities would be linked by bus services. These buses would usually be comfortable and fairly rapid, but you should keep in mind that there would only be a few departures each day. Additionally, inter-city bus fares would be very affordable making them an economical way to travel. 

Within the bigger towns and cities, particularly Muscat, you would also have the option of travelling by micros, sometimes also referred to as ‘baisa buses’. These would basically be minivans in orange and white paint that would accommodate as many as 15 passengers. These vehicles would chiefly be used by certain expats and would be amongst the least costly means of getting about in the cities. However, it could be challenging to ascertain exactly where the micros would be travelling to.

By taxi 

Travelling by taxi would be another convenient way to get about in the bigger destinations. You could easily identify these vehicles by their orange and white colour and they would also be easy to hail; you could simply flag one down by the roadside. You will find that all of the taxis in Oman would be unmetered, which would mean that you would be obliged to negotiate a fare before setting off. You may bargain purposefully to arrive at a reasonable price for your journey. Whilst the majority of taxi drivers in the city of Muscat would speak some English, those outside of the capital often may not. You could also use shared taxis to get around in Oman. This mode of transport can also be used in cities such as Salalah; hotels to consider here which you could easily reach by taxi would be Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara and such properties offer limousine transfers on request from the airport too which add to the convenience.

By plane and ferry 

You would also have the option of using the domestic flights that link Muscat with the city of Khasab, in addition to flights that connect Muscat with Salalah. Visitors would find that both of these air services would be appealing alternatives to making these lengthy trips by road. 

Another interesting travel option to consider would be using the ferry services to travel between coastal destinations in Oman. Using these rapid ferry services would be a quick and convenient way of travelling between cities such as Muscat, Lima, Khasab, Dibba, Shinas and Masirah. During your ferry journey, you could also admire the sight of the magnificent Omani coastline.


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