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How to Interpret Audi Pre Sense Warning: Modesto Experts Weigh In

Audi Pre Sense Warning

By Kruse Lucas ImportsPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

High-end automotive manufacturers are in the process of constantly upgrading their production lines with new features that not only make driving these cars pleasurable but also enhance the safety of the vehicle. One such advanced feature is the Pre Sense warning in your Audi which is considered a groundbreaking safety feature.

Most of the time while driving you will find that the Pre Sense warning light blinks on the dashboard. Here in this article, we will decode the Pre Sense warning light with the help of certified experts in Modesto.

What is Pre Sense?

Well, most drivers aren’t aware of the Pre Sense technology being used in Audi cars and it is pertinent to address their concern before we move into the details. The Pre Sense technology is quiet simple in working as it involves a set of sensors in your car that work in tandem & activate the electronic stability control system when you apply the brakes.

There are many components in your Audi that are linked to the Pre Sense warning. From seat belts, hazard lights, and windows to the sunroof everything is linked to the Pre Sense technology in your vehicle.

The Pre Sense technology in your Audi saves the occupants of the car in case of a collision by activating the various safety features in the car when it detects a higher chance of an accident.

Pre Sense Front

The Pre Sense technology is equipped on all the exterior sides of your high-end car. The Pre Sense Front system tightens the seatbelt pretensioners and also activates the hazard lights in case the system detects any chances of a collision.

Moreover, the action of the warning system isn’t limited to these only because it also closes any open windows and the sunroof of your car. There is a forward collision warning system in your Audi that sends signals to the Pre Sense Front by monitoring the road in front of your car.

In case there is any detection of an obstacle in front of your car, it produces a loud alert and a message is displayed on the gauge cluster of your vehicle. Moreover, during this type of situation the brake pressure is slightly applied in the initial stages to slow down the car.

Now, as the hazard lights come on and the belt pretensioners gets tightened the brakes are applied with maximum force to bring the car to a halt before it hits the obstacle. During this stage the safety features are also activated to protect you in case the collision happens.

Pre Sense City

The majority of drivers will agree with the fact that there is a stark difference in driving on the highway and driving in the city. The roads in the city is always crowded and there are not only other cars but also pedestrians & cyclist who can create troubling situation for you when you are driving.

The Pre Sense City technology of your Audi is located on the top of the windshield in the form of a camera that remains activated when you are driving in the city with a speed limit of 52.8 mph. Moreover, Audi claims that if you are driving within the speed limit of 25 mph then the Pre Sense City would be able to completely prevent an accident but don’t go about testing it.

Pre Sense Rear

The Pre Sense Rear is the most amazing technology used in Audi that not only assists you parking the vehicle but also warns you about potential collisions from behind. The mechanism followed by the Pre Sense Rear technology also the same as is the case with Pre Sense Front technology.

If you are thinking that the Pre Sense is only going to help you during the parking phase then rest assured it is also going to guard against collisions from the rear while driving.

Pre Sense Side

The discussion on Pre Sense technology used in your Audi is going to remain incomplete if we don’t take into account the Pre Sense Side in your high-end car. The Pre Sense Side uses a cross-traffic warning system to monitor the movements of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclist that may create problems.

The rest all mechanism followed is same and there is nothing new about it.


The above-discussed factors are some of the ways the Pre Sense technology works in your Audi. Most Audi drivers harbor misconceptions regarding the working of the Pre Sense system in their car and by going through the discussion all their doubts will get addressed.


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Kruse Lucas Imports is a leading European auto repair and service expert located in Modesto having years of experience in looking after luxury European cars like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen.

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