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Porsche Brakes Squeaking? A Comprehensive Guide to Deal with It

Porsche Brakes Squeaking

By Kruse Lucas ImportsPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

The emergence of a squealing sound while braking can displease anyone…

We've all been there and we know how it feels to be in such a situation. The sole purpose of writing this blog post is to help you identify the culprits that may be at play behind your Porsche's screeching brakes. So, let's start without any delay…

Squeaky Brakes: What Do They Mean?

They simply mean trouble… Yes, you read that right.

Your Porsche's braking system – if not working as expected – will make a strange noise when used. There are all sorts of different reasons why your braking system may start giving off an odd noise; the most prominent ones are listed below…

Possibility #1- Incorrect installation

Have you had your Porsche's brake pads or rotors replaced recently??? Not properly installing braking system parts can reduce the braking efficiency of your vehicle. Not only that… poor installation of braking system parts by a naive mechanic can result in the emergence of a strange and particularly displeasing screeching noise when using the brakes. Therefore, it would be better to get your Porsche's braking system serviced and repaired at a reputed and reliable Porsche service center.

Possibility #2- Brake pads worn out

Has it been a while since you've had your vehicle's brake pads replaced??? Brake pads are nothing but friction material backed by steel plates. Depending on the degree of usage, after a particular time interval, the friction material will wear out. Worn brake pads, if not replaced on time, can contribute to reduced braking efficiency among other problems. And, yes… worn brake pads may contribute to the emergence of a strange screeching noise.

Possibility #3- Mud between pads & rotors

Sometimes the emergence of a screeching sound while braking does not indicate any mechanical fault... it is more of a cosmetic problem. For example, if mud, dust, or debris occupies the space between the rotors and brake pads, a squealing noise will be produced when the brakes are applied. This usually happens during rainy months when there is muddy water everywhere including on the road surface.

Possibility #4- Damaged brake calipers

Your Porsche may also give off a screeching noise because of a damaged caliper unit. The caliper unit is basically the part that plays a vital role in transmitting the braking force applied on the brake pedal to the brake pads. If it malfunctions because of a defective piston or some other reason, the braking system's efficiency will reduce significantly. And, yes… this may contribute to the emergence of an odd noise when applying the brakes.

Possibility #5- Your driving habits

If you are someone who loves to drive with a heavy foot, it can also contribute to premature brake wear in your Porsche. And, yes... it can also contribute to poor braking system operation and the emergence of strange squealing noises during vehicle operation. In addition to braking system issues, bad driving practices can contribute to numerous other drivability problems.

Squeaky Brakes: How to Shut Them Up?

1- Check for mechanical deformities. As soon as your Porsche’s braking system starts making strange noises, this is the first thing you should do. Check all braking system parts individually; start with the brake pads. If you notice any deformity in any part of the braking system, get it repaired without a second thought.

2- Check if all parts of the braking system are properly lubricated. The braking system of your vehicle is a fairly complex unit made up of many different parts; ranging from the calipers to brake pedal assembly. Make sure all these parts are working smoothly and have adequate lubrication.

3- Check brake fluid level periodically. In order for your Porsche's braking system to operate smoothly and efficiently, there must be sufficient hydraulic fluid available within the brake lines. So, you must check on your vehicle’s brake fluid level from time to time and if necessary top it up.

To Conclude

Brake squeaking is a sign that there is something off with your vehicle's braking system that requires your immediate attention. This could point to one of many different things going on with your vehicle's braking system; ranging from a broken caliper piston to worn-out brake pads. Whatever it is… you better find it and get it fixed.


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Kruse Lucas Imports is a leading European auto repair and service expert located in Modesto having years of experience in looking after luxury European cars like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen.

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