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How to buy a bike online? Important factors to check before buying

A quick guide to help you understand ‘how to buy a bike online’ and identify your riding preferences.

By Credr DigitalPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Bikes are emerging as a renowned mode of transportation for coping with traffic congestion and varied Indian terrain. Features of a motorcycle like hassle-free parking, ease of maneuverability, and ease of usage elevate its convenience.

Buyers looking for an economical option consider two-wheelers as the best bet due to their low maintenance costs and low down payment. From standard, cruiser, sport, and touring bikes to dual-sports bikes, the Indian two-wheeler market offers multiple choices to riders. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand ‘how to buy a bike online’ and identify your riding preferences:

  • Usage

Determining the two-wheeler’s nature of usage or usage frequency plays a crucial role at the time of online two-wheeler buying. A bike with ample power is ideal for riders looking forward to covering long distances or riding along highways. Two-wheelers with lower or average power are suitable for short trips across the city. The total distance or kilometers you need to cover daily can influence your buying decision.

  • Riding Style

The size and comfort level of bikes can vary from each other. Riders can choose from options like cruiser, tourer, sport, street, and dirt bikes based on their riding style. Cruiser bikes support an upright seating position. Here, the rider’s feet are placed forward, while his hands lie above the chest.

Equipped with a sofa-styled seat, cruisers are suitable for long highway rides. A sports bike supports an aggressive seating position, where the rider is leaning forward. Designed for comfortable and long rides, the tourer bikes combine the features of cruiser and sport bikes. Street bikes support an erect position that is suitable for short and smooth rides.

  • Fuel Efficiency

The amount of power a bike develops is determined by the engine’s cylinder. A large engine displacement helps to produce more power. However, a vehicle that produces additional power requires more fuel to operate. Make sure to choose between fuel efficiency or power wisely.

  • Rider’s Experience

The riding style of each biker is unique. While some riders prioritize safe maneuvering, other riders are fond of speed. The desire for power and skill level of riders are influenced by the total years of riding experience. Entry-level bikes that are easy to handle are suitable for novice bikes who wish to brush up on their riding skills. Experience riders can gradually move from 200 to 250cc engines to 1000cc and above.

  • Budget

It’s important to set a fixed budget before commencing your search for a two-wheeler. Once you fix the amount, you can browse your options freely without worrying about exceeding your budget. If you have tight budget, buying a used motorcycle will be a great choice. CredR offers huge rage of second hand bikes in every major cities in India.

  • Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance help improve your bike’s mileage and overall condition. Select a manufacturer that has a widespread network of bike servicing centers. It ensures spare parts are available easily.

  • Type of Terrain

Two-wheelers that offer smooth performance on city roads are unable to deliver optimal speed or performance on rough roads. If you’re looking for a vehicle to tackle rough roads, a vehicle with good suspension is the best bet. Choose a two-wheeler that features a reliable shock-absorbing mechanism. It helps to absorb bumps during long rides.


If you’re looking for an option to ‘buy a motorcycle online’, CredR has got you covered. Browse through a range of motorcycles from renowned brands. Whether you’re looking for a bike to commute daily or go on weekend trips with your family, you’ll certainly find something that is curated for you. Stay tuned for updates related to online motorcycle sales to buy a bike online at a budget-friendly price.


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