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Exploring the Essence of North-East Assam: Three Unmissable Destinations from Guwahati

Exploring the beauty of North East by rented self drive car

By favwheelzPublished 3 months ago 2 min read

Guwahati is a gateway to the states of the North- East. If you're gearing up for a road trip from Guwahati, buckle up because I've got the lowdown on three killer destinations in North-East Assam that you just can't miss. You can rent a Self Drive Car in Guwahati and see all these destinations without emptying your pockets. This will also ensure you pay less and stay secure with your family from unexpected rains in North East India.

1. Majuli – Where Culture Meets Tranquility:

As you bid farewell to Guwahati, the road to Majuli begins with a captivating ferry ride from Neematighat, offering panoramic views of the Brahmaputra. Imagine the gentle river breeze as you approach Majuli, the world's largest river island.

Immersive Cultural Dive:

Majuli isn't just an island; it's a cultural haven. Vaishnavite monasteries, known as Satras, dot the landscape, preserving the rich tapestry of Assamese arts and traditions. The Mishing and Deori communities extend a warm welcome, inviting you to witness their traditional practices, including the mesmerizing art of handloom weaving.

Bird watcher's Paradise:

Nature enthusiasts, rejoice! Majuli, especially in winter, transforms into a haven for migratory birds, turning the wetlands into a vibrant spectacle. The roads less traveled on the island lead to hidden villages and untouched landscapes, offering an authentic glimpse into the tranquility that defines Majuli.

2. Kaziranga National Park – A Wildlife Extravaganza:

As Majuli's cultural embrace lingers, the road calls for a change of pace, leading to the iconic Kaziranga National Park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga is a wildlife haven and promises an adventure like no other.

Safari Thrills:

Choose your adventure – a jeep safari or an elephant safari. Kaziranga unfolds its wonders as you traverse the park's diverse ecosystems. The thrill of spotting the one-horned Indian rhino, majestic elephants, and the elusive Bengal tiger adds an electrifying dimension to your journey. Every turn in the park holds the promise of a new wildlife encounter.

Conservation Stories:

Beyond the thrill of the safari, Kaziranga is a testament to successful conservation efforts. The Rehabilitation Centre within the park provides a glimpse into the dedicated work undertaken to protect and nurture orphaned or injured animals. It's a heartwarming intersection of conservation and the untamed beauty of Assam.

3. Sivasagar – A Stroll Through Ahom History:

As you bid adieu to Kaziranga's wild wonders, the road unfolds towards Sivasagar, where ancient history and architectural marvels beckon.

Ahom Monuments:

Sivasagar is a living canvas of Ahom architecture. The Rang Ghar, Talatal Ghar, and Kareng Ghar stand tall, narrating tales of a bygone era. The intricate craftsmanship and historical significance of these structures make Sivasagar a mesmerizing destination for history enthusiasts.

Joysagar Tank Vibes:

Amidst the historical grandeur, Joysagar Tank offers a serene interlude. The peaceful ambiance, surrounded by temples and pavilions, allows for reflection and relaxation. It's a moment to absorb the stories etched in the walls of Sivasagar.

In a Nutshell:

Your road trip from Guwahati is not just a journey; it's an odyssey through the diverse landscapes of North-East Assam. From the cultural immersion in Majuli to the wildlife wonders of Kaziranga and the historical marvels of Sivasagar, each destination adds a unique chapter to your adventure.

So, load up your curiosity, hit play on your favorite road trip playlist, and let the roads of Assam unfold stories that will resonate long after the journey ends. Happy travels, fellow road tripper!

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