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Decoding Alfa Romeo VDC Unavailability: Insights from Lewisville Experts

Decoding Alfa Romeo VDC Unavailability

By Fifth Gear AutomotivePublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) is a very advanced system that is normally found in high-end cars like Alfa Romeo that helps in the smooth running of the car. Most drivers aren’t aware of the VDC light and fail to understand the warning messages related to it and that is when different issues take a turn for the worse in your Alfa Romeo.

The VDC light illuminates or displays a warning message whenever there is a problem with the anti-lock brake system (ABS) or the traction control system (TCS). Here we are going to decode the VDC unavailability message displayed on the dashboard of Alfa Romeo.

Inadequate Amount of Brake Fluid

The brake fluid is one of the most important fluids that helps in the efficient functioning of the brakes in your Alfa Romeo. The brake fluids help in maintaining the required braking pressure that can slow down your car when you press the brake pedal.

Often it is noticed that due to the presence of an inadequate quantity of brake fluids in your vehicle, the VDC light is going to illuminate on the dashboard of your car. Due to continuous usage, the brake fluid loses its viscosity and wears out eventually leading to inefficient functioning of the brakes and ultimately you see the warning light flash on the dashboard.

In addition to that, sometimes drivers complain that even after replacing the brake fluid they get to see the VDC light on the dashboard. This indicates that the brake fluid you have used in your vehicle is not suitable for the car that is you aren’t using the manufacturer-recommended brake fluid and instead resorting to some aftermarket fluid that is not working for your high-end car.

Faulty Steering Rack

Another factor that can cause the unavailability of VDC in your car is when the steering rack encounters issues with its functioning. The steering rack is the connection between the wheels and the steering wheel of your car and is part of the steering system.

The rack & pinion as it is commonly referred to can encounter a host of issues from physical damages to rusting that can affect its optimal functioning. Besides that, a low quantity of power steering fluid can also adversely affect the functioning of the steering rack as it maintains the much-needed hydraulic pressure for the proper functioning of the power steering system.

Whenever the onboard computers detect a problem with the functioning of the steering rack, then it leads to the illumination of the VDC light on the dashboard. The moment you notice the illumination of the VDC light, you should get in touch with a certified mechanic who can diagnose the source of the problem & initiate remedial measures.

Malfunctioning Wheel Sensors

High-end cars including your Alfa Romeo come equipped with many sensors that monitor the functioning of the vital parts. There are four sensors located near each of the wheels of your car that keep a tab on the speed and functioning of the wheels.

The information gathered by the sensors is then relayed back to the engine control unit (ECU) which uses this information to adjust the speed of any wheel that might have slipped causing it to turn faster than the other wheels.

This is where the VDC system comes into the picture by springing into action and reducing the power to the wheel & increasing the traction to bring it back into proper rotation. Nevertheless, if the wheel speed sensor is malfunctioning due to the presence of dirt & debris on the sensor then correct information would not be sent.

This is when you might get to see the warning message pop up on the dashboard of your car alerting you to inspect the wheel speed sensor and fix the problems associated with it.

Poor Road Conditions

Most people may not know that the VDC system in their vehicle can become unavailable because of driving in extremely poor conditions. The VDC system is responsible for maintaining the stability and balance of the vehicle and if it is unable to do that because of low-quality roads then it will become unavailable.

Most of the time you will observe that when you are driving in uneven road conditions then the VDC light will illuminate on the dashboard of your car.


The above-discussed factors are some of the leading reasons behind the unavailability of VDC light in Alfa Romeo. Generally, people tend to ignore it thinking that it might be caused due to minor issues, however, it is best for you to get your luxury car inspected at your local garage in Lewisville so that if there is any major fault somewhere in your Alfa Romeo then it can be addressed.


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