Crossover SUVs - The Family Car of the 21st Century

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Minivans are out of style. Crossover SUVs are the new car for families.

Crossover SUVs - The Family Car of the 21st Century

According to Wikipedia, as of 2006, more than half of SUVs sold in the United States of America have been of the “crossover” variety. A crossover SUV, also sometimes referred to as simply a “crossover” or occasionally shortened to a “CUV,” is typically a cross between a sedan and a truck-based sport utility vehicle, or SUV. Most often, crossover SUVs are modeled after the body type of a truck-based SUV with the chassis or unibody construction of a sedan. This design generally makes for a significantly more comfortable interior when compared to their truck-based SUV counterparts, however crossovers are known to have less off road capabilities and in many cases are not manufactured with an option for all wheel drive.

Crossover SUVs: A New Family Favorite

Although full-sized SUVs were all the rage for the average American family a decade or two ago, crossover SUVs have quickly surpassed these outdated machines for the number one spot, especially over the last few years. With rising oil prices affecting the average American’s wallet every time they stop for gas, many households have gotten rid of their old, bulky truck style SUVs and swapped them out for crossover SUVs, no doubt celebrating their superior fuel economy every time they stop at the pumps!

But there is so much more to a family vehicle than simple gas mileage. Family fads like the minivan and the truck based SUV had their place in the tops of the charts due to something the SUV has right in its name: utility. The practicality of a vehicle is one of the most important factors for someone at the head of a household. The minivan pioneered the market with spacious seating for soccer moms who needed to be able to drive their kids or carpool with half the team. The full sized SUV maintained that level of space and those rows of seats while adding a robust look and truck-like utility so the quintessential dad could feel proud of his family car, as well as put it to good use during his weekend projects around the house. And now, a new wave has arrived to overcome the last one.

The Atlantic reports that, in the current market, crossover SUVs are bought three times as much as minivans and truck-based SUVs combined! That is a staggering statistic. And this rise in popularity came even quicker than the last two. With all of this market attention, plenty of major vehicle manufacturers have made the switch to producing crossover SUVs. So, how does one go about finding the crossover that will suit their style best?

Finding the Best Crossover SUV for Your Family

Finding a vehicle of any sort, especially for your growing family, can be a daunting task. Issues such as back seat safety and car seat compatibility tend to top the list of concerns for parents who are seeking a long term solution to their transportation needs. But factors like fuel economy and entertainment system features are still incredibly important search criteria at the same time. This balancing act of needs and wants, as well as the growing list of options available on the market, can sometimes make families feel overwhelmed when searching for their next purchase or lease.

The Best Crossover SUV is an opinion that has changed depending on the person; however one opinion is for sure, Crossover SUVs are the new car. They are stylish and family friendly.


So, is the crossover SUV the family car of the future? It would seem as though the simple answer to this question is an astounding "Yes!" With sales steadily rising and new options being released every year, the crossover SUV is here to stay. And it doesn't sound like anyone's complaining.

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