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Bringing The Classic Packard Back From The Dead

Get Your Money Out Folks, This 1934 Packard Is Being Resurrected From The Bone Yard In The Sky, and … it will not be cheap.

By Dave WettlauferPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
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This interesting story of the 1934 Packard came to light on a lazy Sunday morning when I was reading some classic car literature or matter-of-fact, ‘any news of old and vintage cars.’

This is another one of those interesting reads that I thought I would pass on to you the car enthusiast.

And this time …’ NO ... it’s not about the Shelby Mustang but the story is about some very well-to-do car enthusiasts with large and very deep pockets. They are advertising they're reviving the famous 1934 Packard from the dead. In other words, they are going to start building them again.

One Interesting Line From This Website Was;

One of the “Three Ps” -- alongside Peerless Motor Company and Pierce-Arrow -- the Packard Company was known for building high-quality, luxury automobiles before World War II.

So according to ‘COMMUNITY NEWS’ Scott Andrews and his friend Steve Constantino decided to hand-build this iconic car and bring it back from the dead. Somewhere in their travels they found most of the parts they needed and bought all the patents and whatever eles they needed to start reproducing the 1934 Packard Convertible.

This Is A Fun Interesting Car Story If They Can Pull It Off.

Now this could be all rumors and hearsay because up till now, I have not found enough evidence saying when or how they’re going to do it. But an interesting story know less if this roomer is not true.

I must also add, if these investors pull these extraordinary feet off and, the classic Packard Convertible will be on the market for sale, ‘you (the buyer) best have deep pockets yourself.’

Working on cars my whole life, they will not be cheap.

The average ground-up overhauled restoration on a classic car project could be thousands of hours of blood sweet and lots of loven, nonetheless the price of the material. These Packard’s will be handmade assembled like the originals.

The rumor has it by ‘COMMUNITY NEWS’ that published: on Dec. 08, 2023, They are getting ready to build its new ‘old’ cars to order. Packard Motors opened its doors in MEDINA, Ohio with a new 1934-style Packard convertible as its central point.

Well, that article is what brought me here. Bringing The Packard Classic Car Back From The Dead Is A Cool Idea.

Thanking ‘Hotcars Website’ For This Next Bit of Information.

“Ohio Automobile Company" was the company's first name when it began production in 1899. When the company relocated from Warren, Ohio to Detroit, Michigan in 1903, it was renamed the Packard Motor Car Company. There were no signs of slowing down the brothers' pursuit of perfection and excellence. For the most part, they showed the durability of their vehicles by taking first place in cross-country reliability tests.

The luxurious Packard Car was a wanted car around the world before the Second World War. Some might even say this car was built in Michigan because of one article claiming as we speak they are demolishing the old Packard assembly plant, but sadly not.

The story must be talking about old washing machines or something. But what Packard did do as per Roomer, was the car sold better overseas than it did in America. Roomers, you have to love-um.

Today when and if they start building them Packard, it will be under the name of ‘Packard Motors’ in Medina, Ohio.

...You Will Be The Only One On Your Block That Will Own One ...

As per a weblink; Private meetings are available from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Sorry folks, you have to go to this website to retrieve the phone number. … You can call XXXXXXXX to make an appointment…

Extra note.

Check out these web addresses for more information on these beautiful old vintage cars that are being resurrected from the boneyard in the sky. But, short of them trying to sell me a watch with Packard engraving, I cannot find out where I could send my down-stroke with my order. ... Maybe you’ll have more luck...

Hope you enjoyed my take on bringing the 1934 Classic Packard Convertible Back From The Dead. Roomer, not sure because they always say’

The proof is in the pudding’ Let’s see one!

… Thank you for reading …

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