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Breaking Stereotypes: Women and Motorcycles

Women shifting gears on their bikes to changing public perceptions!

By Tanvi PuniaPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Bill Gates is credited with saying "Life's not fair; Get used to it" as the first of his "11 principles you will never learn in school." Bill Gates intended these statements to apply to everyone, but women would be more receptive to them than males. Since the beginning of time, there have always been several preconceptions about women that they must contend with. For those who are unsure of what a stereotype is, it is an idea of how someone should behave based on traits like ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and many more. Girls encounter rigid preconceptions early on, which can occasionally act as significant obstacles in the way of their following their hearts.

Two straightforward yet thought-provoking comments that highlight how these preconceptions are oversimplified and overgeneralized by society as a whole can highlight the impact of these prejudices. Many people have heard the sayings "Males don't weep," "Pink is for girls and blue is for boys." One of these two common gender-based preconceptions has probably been encountered by everyone. The fact that each and every member of society has, somewhere, contributed to the development of such rigidity, whether consciously or unconsciously, only serves to make things worse. The fact that some individuals truly believe there is no such thing as stereotyping and often conclude "This is how it is intended to be" reveals a certain degree of rigidity.

One such myth is that "women are not designed for motorcycles."

Biking and motorcycling have always been seen as male-oriented hobbies. Since the beginning of time, males have always been more likely than women to pursue motorcycling as a profession, pastime, or passion. When "bikers" or "motorcyclists" are spoken, the first image that comes to mind is of a muscular, manly individual riding a hefty sports bike while donning a helmet and safety gear. People seldom imagine a lady riding a sports bike while wearing the same outfit. Women are also not even considered when bikers compete on racing courses, even in people's imaginations.

Family constraints become a hurdle for females who are strong enough and brave enough to follow their hearts. Even for individuals who succeed in persuading and winning the support of their families, society as a whole proves to be a formidable barrier.

In the midst of this traditional hanging rope, there are examples of women who defy expectations and pursue their passions despite any obstacles that may stand in their way. Roshni Misbah is one such role model. She provides us with insight into her path and how she overcome preconceived notions to follow her passion and became the only female Ninja H2 owner in India during an interview.

Roshni Misbah adamantly asserts in support of all the female riders out there, "Just because we aren't allowed to do it, doesn't mean we can't do it." It seemed strange to be a motorbike fan coming from a family of Hafiz scholars and Islamic academics. She managed to persuade her parents after they expressed some initial reluctance. Her family's unwavering support served her comfort throughout the hard road. Roshni writes in her account of her voyage that she frequently encountered strange glances from motorists while riding her bike to college. She makes it clear that males would frequently try to pass her, do tricks around her, and say inappropriate things.

She asserts that despite claims to the contrary, there are still locations where women are not permitted to do a number of things. Stereotypes and the problem of gender discrimination go hand in hand. She does, however, add, "I guess it's all here! For you to cling to and pursue your passion in the mind. She said, "You can pursue your culture, your principles, and your passion at the same time. She also emphasizes that prejudices are only constructs of the mind.

Despite the resources and freedom that women have today, there is still something that hinders or makes their careers extremely tough. Most of the time, stereotypes are the only ideas that exist in people's minds. For women to experience true freedom, first the mindset of the general public needs to be altered. You can get automobile accessories from alternatives to eBay.

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