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Best Dash Cameras You Can Buy on Amazon

These dash cameras you can buy on Amazon will provide protection from insurance fraud and accident blame. Plus, you can even document your next road trip.

By Sherry CampbellPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

As the best way to record an accident, provide yourself with blame protection, and just get some cool documentation of your road trips, these dash cameras on Amazon will supply you with this and more. Depending on your needs, there is a dash cam for everyone.

From dual front and rear cameras to something a little more simple, these cameras are the best on the market for a reason. As an investment that pays for itself, dash cameras are that extra security blanket for travels from the morning commute to a cross-country trip. If you've been endlessly searching for a dash cams on Amazon, look no further.

Offering you full protection on the road, this Vantrue dual lens dash camera has two lenses for the ultimate security. This camera provides a full HD 1080P picture. Both cameras have top class F/2.0 G glasses lenses, while the front camera features a 170-degree wide angle lens, and the back provides a 140-degree shot.

With an auto powered record option synced to the car engine, you will never have to worry about pressing record. Best of all, it has a G-sensor data protection that senses a crash, saving the video file to avoid overwritten or corrupted footage. One of the highest rated dash cams on Amazon, Vantrue is one of the most trusted when it comes to the competition.

Featuring a 1080P Full HD picture, the Cobra Electronics Dash Cam will to record virtually everything you see on the road.

Also including an internal GPS, this camera is more useful than most. Embedding the exact location and time, the PC software provides accurate G-Sensor information during each recording. With a 1.5 inch LCD screen, the video playback is accessible on either your TV or computer. Plus, it's easily installed, and features a 118-degree viewing angle.

Papago is a simple, palm-sized camera that provides the quality of a luxury camera. The camera records in 1296P HD and can be easily installed straight to your windshield. Because of the 160-degree wide angle lens, the camera is best known for having top quality resolution.

The camera offers two options for mounting: it can either be added to your window with a suction cup or an adhesive mount; use whichever works best for your car. Featuring three recording modes, the camera captures in either automatic recording, monitor mode, or motion detection.

Featuring both a GPS and time stamps for all recording, the Magellan's MIVUE 480D Dash Cam is intuitive yet easy to use. With a 2.7 inch display, you will be able to watch playback footage with ease.

Featuring two cameras, the driver will have an accurate recording of whatever events occur while on the road. Plus, you are able to receive both audio and visual warnings for potential hazards straight from the camera. And, using g-sensors for impact, the video recordings will automatically lock, which saves the time, speed, date, and location of the accident.

Thinkware's TW-F770 Dash Cam has a 140-degree viewing angle using its 2.19MP Sony Exmore CMOS Sensor. Some of its many features include night mode and a time-lapse recording features. Plus, you can even get parking surveillance for when you're not behind the wheel.

Including built-in Wi-Fi, you can get playback and setting configuration on any synced iOS or Android devices. And best of all, the 1080p Full HD rearview camera will enable instant surveillance at all times, which is pretty impressive. Customers love its easy installation, and of course, the high-quality picture.

TaoTronics' Dash Camera not only provides HD quality footage, but a 160-degree dashboard view, loop recording, and parking mode. You can always count on its enhanced night vision camera, with an infrared optical filter. Continuous loop recording is a must for any quality dash camera on the market, and TaoTronics has got you covered with this feature.

With 160-degree ultra-wide angle monitors, the camera can capture five lanes of traffic with ease. Though featuring enhanced night vision and automatic emergency recording, this camera's best feature is its price. At approximately $70, you can't go wrong with a price like this. And of course, it will protect your car's safety at all times, no matter the situation.

Featuring 2K HD image quality, the Ultra HD Car Dash Camera by Z-Edge is a great accessory for protection. It provides a reliable and automatic shooting operation. The camera avoids the features that the Z-Edge brand thinks to be unnecessary for a dash cam, like Wi-Fi or GPS. Instead, the camera focuses on the quality of the video capturing, as well as an image sensor and detail processing.

With built-in G-sensors and parking mode, your vehicle will be monitored at all times, even when you think you won't need it. It is scratch resistant and offers both USB and battery power for an undeniable performance each time, no matter the weather conditions.

The Garmin's Dash Cam 65W is GPS-enabled with automatic incident detection, providing warnings for forward collisions, lane departure, red lights, and speed. The voice command allows you to stop and start recording hands-free. Plus, you can take a picture while recording, or vise versa. Providing quality footage in low light conditions, the 1080P video footage is attested to its impressive 2.1-megapixel camera.

As another small but powerful camera, the YI Wide Angle Dashboard Camera is perfect for someone looking for an affordable yet quality dash cam. Using optimized visual recognition algorithms, you can monitor your vehicle much easier.

Featuring an emergency recording feature and a high definition night vision, what more could you ask for from this simple camera? The high-speed video recording feature captures images at groundbreaking speeds. And of course, we couldn't forget to mention the 165-degree ultra wide angle lens.

The DR650S Series 2-Channel Dash Camera by Blackvue is last among my favorite dash cameras on Amazon, but it's certainly not least. With a GPS tracker, a 326GB SD card, and a CMOS sensor, this camera has all the protection you need from accident blame or insurance fraud.

With various recording modes, it will detect motion while your car is most vulnerable. The parking mode can record the culprit of a hit and run scenario in a tight parking garage. And best of all, its 360-degree rotational cylinder adds to its sleek and quality design.


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