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Auto Glass Broken Arrow- Types of Auto Glass and Ways to Fix Them

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By Tulsa WindshieldPublished about a year ago 3 min read

A simple scratch on your car’s windshield has the power to spoil your day and annoy you because it needs the effort to be fixed and can’t be ignored. Most car owners have been in such a situation because they have found their car glass to be damaged. When you wake up in the morning to see that the windshield has been damaged due to some external factors, it can ruin your entire day. In such a case, you will have to look for an Auto Glass Broken Arrow service provider.

Types of car glass damage

Here are some of the common dangers that your car glass can incur-

1. Minor chips- The size, location, and severity of the crack can decide whether it can be repaired or not. If the chip is minor in nature, which means it is less than 40 mm, it can be easily treated by a trained technician. If the chip is restricted to the outer layer, it can be fixed by a simple repair job.

2. Chips that can’t be fixed using a repair job- If the chip is greater than 40mm in diameter, you will have to get the glass replaced. If the damage penetrates both the layers of the glass or it is affecting the driver’s line of vision, you will have to get the glass replaced by the best Auto Glass Broken Arrow service provider.

3. Bull’s eye crack- When the crack has happened due to a slightly large object, the crack sustained by it is called a bull’s eye crack. This crack is circular in shape. If this crack is not dealt with in due time, excessive oil, dirt, and other substances can accumulate in the damaged area due to which it needs to be treated immediately.

4. Half-Moon Crack- This crack is somewhat similar to the bull’s eye type. Such cracks are caused by the impact of blunt objects. A half-moon crack can be repaired by a trained technician.

5. Star break crack- This is a series of short yet radical cracks from the impact point. The damage caused resembles a star and hence the name. This crack starts as a minor crack but may branch off to the entire windshield glass. In such cases, replacement of the windshield is the only option left with the car owner.

6. Combination Cracks- If the crack is a combination of a star break and a bull’s eye, it is called a combination crack. The level of damage caused by such a crack is severe. You need to get in touch with a highly trained technician to get this crack fixed.

Why should you get these chips and cracks treated immediately?

Your auto glass is very important for your safety. In case there is a chip or crack on the windshield, you should get it repaired or replaced immediately. Even a small chip can endanger your life and also the lives of your fellow passengers. You should get the severity of the damage evaluated by a trained expert. An expert can assess the damage and offer a correct evaluation if the simple repair job can fix the damage or if you need to get the glass replaced by a new one. If you leave the crack unattended, you can expect this tiny crack to exaggerate into a long and uncomfortable large crack. Sometimes a repair job can cost you less while if you postpone the repair work, you will end up getting the glass replaced with a new one which might cost you huge bucks. Also, as auto glass is fragile and has an important role to play in supporting your car’s overall structure, they require your single attention when damaged. Hence, this answers your question as to why should you get these chips and cracks treated immediately.

What all steps can you take with a cracked windshield?

Here are some ways that can help you take care of your cracked windshield-

1. Get in touch with the insurance company to understand what can be covered under the insurance claim.

2. Get the extent of the crack evaluated by an expert.

3. Check if there is another sign of damage.

4. Finally seek professional assistance.

To Sum It Up

Whenever you face a situation where your windshield gets damaged, you should look for the best Auto Glass Broken Arrow service provider. The best auto garage offer warranty for the service offered and never misguide you. These service providers also offer mobile car glass solutions for your auto glass. Since the windshield plays an important role in protecting you in case of an accident and also protects you from external factors, even a single crack on the same can’t be ignored.

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