A Crisis

by Ashley Ramos 8 days ago in feature

If you’re reading this, anything you give can help, thank you

A Crisis

It started off as a normal day. I woke up, got ready for school, grabbed my keys and started my car, picked up one of my close friends from her house right up the street, then we went down the same street to pick up another friend. Soon, the three of us headed to school; what I hadn’t realized was that I needed gas. When I did realize it, we decided to stop by for gas. If I had known what it would bring, I would’ve let it run out instead.

My mistake was rushing. I acknowledge that it was my fault, and despite my defense being "I was rushing because we were late for school," it only worked against me. Leaving the gas pumps, we realized we were running late and decided the main street would be fastest—now we wish we would’ve taken our time. Coming up on an intersection, I aimed to get into the turning lane. I thought nothing of it, as I’ve squeezed my small car past other cars hundreds of times as well as vice versa; we all do it especially when trying to beat traffic. I started squeezing my car into the turning lane and next thing I know there’s a bump on the passenger side and honking. I knew then I should’ve stayed home. I was in a car accident. I hit a truck, and while he had a small dent on his bumper I had lost a headlight and a fender. Regardless of that, I decided to pay him out of pocket instead of dealing with the insurance because it was too much of a hassle. The sir took his truck to GMC, and received an estimate of $7,000. It was too much money to pay for a new bumper, but I wasn’t in a spot to complain since it was my fault. Eventually he agreed to lower it to $5,000, and in the end I paid him and ended up $5,000 in debt. I am a full time student and still underage, meaning where I live, despite the many applications I’ve put out I haven’t heard a single thing back in two weeks, because I am not an adult and I do not have work experience. I’ve been left in a place of absolute stress, and this stress has been taking over my already-poor mental health and has started to affect my physical health. Despite all this, I fake a smile and do my best every day, continuing to search for a job while having such a burden on my shoulders.

I know it is unethical by some standards to ask for help, but I’ve run out of options and have no where else to turn but to you. My platform here on Vocal is where I speak about things I cannot speak aloud, and for that I am truly thankful. I won’t ask you to help me pay my debt, but if you wish to it would be of great help. If you choose not to that’s also perfectly okay, you reading my story is also greatly of help. I was lucky to come out of my accident with my two friends; all three of us perfectly unscathed while others didn’t have the luck we did. If you are a driver please be kind to those in vehicles around you; we are all learning and growing, and we all make mistakes. Those of you who do not drive please don’t judge those behind the wheel and please take care of yourself, vehicles are huge and heavy pieces of technology and are capable of taking a life, so it is always important to remember that safety is the key when behind any and all vehicles. Make mistakes, learn from them, and pass that knowledge to others who may need it.

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