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10 Products to Protect Your Car from the Summer Heat

Can't stand the sun's rays burning up your car? Then you need to get your hands on any of these effective products to protect your car from the summer heat.

By Lilliana BackmanPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

I know all of us are extremely cautious when we enter our cars in the middle of summer. Every little thing in the car absorbs the heat from the sun. The worst is when your arm slightly touches the insanely hot metal part of a seatbelt buckle. I can't even count the number of times I've gone through this, and I'll still never learn.

The interior seating in my car is all black leather and it's horrible in the summer. Entering my car and getting that waft of heat—it's like taking a seat right by Satan himself. My thighs are burning, my arm and hands keep coming into contact with the seatbelt buckle, and it's like placing your hand on a stove whenever I try using the steering wheel.

My dad was sick of me complaining so he bought me a sun shield to block out the sun. Since I've started using it, the interior of my car has cooled down significantly and I don't have to wait for the AC to kick in. This one sun shield protects my car's interior as well as myself from getting burned whenever I touch something that soaked up the sun. If you can't stand the excruciating heat inside of your car and your car ruining from the UV rays, consider getting any of these great products to protect your car from the summer heat!

Nothing is more annoying than having the sun right in our eyes as a driver or passenger. We know the sun is terrible for our eyes, and we want to keep a lookout for our kids sitting in the backseat. It's not even just the sun getting into our eyes, but the heat!

You can now protect the back seats from absorbing the summer's heat and help your your kids stay cool with these nifty sun shades by veneev. The shades block out 98 percent of UV sun rays and are really easy to install to your car's windows. In addition, these sun shades provide SPF 30+ protection and will constantly keep your kids in the back feeling cool and comfortable even when heading on a long road trip to the beach!

Even though leather is a pretty thick and durable material, it can still get ruined from the sun. My old car had leather interior seating and I didn't take great care of them over the summer. The sun's rays and heat can really take a toll on your perfect leather seats and I didn't know this because I thought leather seats were supposed to be "forever." Then I discovered my interior seating cracking and tearing open. They can be forever, though, if you properly care for them all year round with some of the best car interior cleaners.

Since the sun can cause leather to crack or tear, you'll need leather conditioner to avoid those occurrences. Armor All's Leather Gel is ideal to extend the lifespan of your leather car seats and it's a great product to protect your car from the summer heat. It prevents your seats from cracking and drying out by renewing the natural oils that are usually used in the tanning process. You simply spray the leather conditioner, rub it in, then buff it out.

This is the sun shield my dad bought me to stop my leather interior seating from burning up from the sun. It works like a charm and I'll never go through a summer day without using it. It's also a really well-known product that people use for the same reason I do.

The shield reflects UV rays and heat with the dual layer insulation. It also features high-quality suction cups to properly install the shield so it can stay in place. This is an ideal product to protect your car from the summer heat.

Some of us have seen heated car seat cushions before, but I bet you've never seen or even heard of car seat cushions that cool down! Yes, some genius out there invented car seats that are designed to cool you down during the hottest days of the year. This is perfect for those who have interior seating that always absorbs the heat and is painful to sit on—like me.

The cushions have the ability to circulate air through the hundreds of tiny spaces in the Microfiber and mesh materials. While you have the air vents blasting cold air, these cushions also provide you with cool air flow between your body and your car’s upholstery leather or vinyl. The cool air that’s flowing from the cushions absorbs body heat and reduces perspiration, which offers you a comfortable ride during the hottest of days.

The driver and the person sitting in the passenger seat shouldn't be the only two getting all of the great, cold air from the air vents; the people sitting in the back seats should be cooled down, too! Some of our cars have really poor quality backseat air vents, so those sitting in the back are literally melting from the heat. So what possible way can we transfer some of the cold air to the back?

The Noggle's air conditioning system is actually the best product to protect your car from the summer heat and cool down the people sitting in the back seat! Road trips are brutal in the summer, especially for the kids sitting in the back. The Noggle extends cool air directly from your dash vent to your kids in the back seats. This six-foot length tube is easy to store away too when you’re not using it, making it a super convenient gadget to keep in your car.

The driver and passenger seats aren't the only ones absorbing all of the sun's heat. The back seats do get hot, too, especially your kids' booster seats. Since booster seats have metal seatbelt buckles, the strong heat from them can hurt our kids when seating and buckling them in. Now your kids' car seats won't be hot under the summer sun with this seat cover by Mommy's Helper!

This cover is among the most useful products to protect your car from the summer heat and your kid, too. It can prevent heat and UV rays from soaking into your child’s car seat. It features elastic sizing that allows the cover to accurately fit the majority of car and booster seats.

Some of us have come across a time when our air conditioning didn't work at all and it's actually blowing out hot air; this is a sign that your cooling system is overheating. When it's hot out, this can actually make the system worse since it's already overheating. It's really, really important to use antifreeze by Prestone to help cool the system and be provided with air conditioning.

Before pouring in antifreeze, you want to make sure that your car is off, cooled down, and the parking brake is set. Open the hood of your car and locate the engine coolant reservoir. Pour some of the antifreeze in the reservoir and fill it to the level that’s marked on the side. After doing this, your air vents should slowly start to blow cold air.

Many of us fly off to a different state or across the globe for vacation. The summer is a really, really hot time and since you're not using your car during the period of your vacation, your car can absorb so much heat. Almost anything that's stored in your car can be affected by the sun.

One of the many ways to properly protect your car from the sun's heat is by using Aumo-Mate's car covers! These covers are one of the best products to protect your car from the summer heat. They cover every single window on your car and constantly keep your vehicle cool when you're not using it. Even though it's not waterproof, it is dust-proof, anti-scratch, anti-sunscreen, and more. These covers are ideal for the car body length of 156 x 188 inches, the size of a standard sedan. In addition, these covers have a reflect finish and breathable stitching that block out the sun’s harmful rays and decrease the scorching greenhouse-effect temperatures!

Did you know that waxing your car can help protect its finish from the sun’s UV rays? The heat of the sun can fade and even crack the paint of your car's finish. Even though frequently washing and hand drying your car does the trick, waxing your car can extend the life of its finish. I actually have a friend who skipped out on all of this and his car ended up chipping from the summer heat. Avoid this from happening to your car by waxing it often!

Carnauba's wax gives your car a much deeper cleaning, protects your car’s finish longer, and even leaves a stunning shine. It really is one of the best exterior car cleaning products. This wax is enriched with premium carnauba for a durable, water-repellent finish. It’s so easy to use; you just apply it to your car's finish without having to do any hard buffing. The wax is formulated with micro-polishing agents that are designed to safely remove any scratches and scruffs. Now your car’s finish will constantly be protected!

Lastly, our steering wheels can become insanely hot from the sun's rays. Whenever we enter our cars and our hands first grab onto the steering wheel, it's almost like fully grabbing a pan that was just removed from a burning stove. I've personally gone through this multiple times and it's the worst.

However, the Big Ant's steering wheel cover is a great product to protect your car from the summer heat when your steering wheel is constantly absorbing the sun. It offers full sun protection and it stops your steering wheel from cracking and its colors fading. This sun shade features a double thick bubble shading material that’s designed to block the sunlight and the harmful UV rays. The steering wheel shade easily slips over the wheel and the elastic strap makes sure that your cover is kept on your wheel without slipping off. When you’re not using the shade, you can store it in the car's door pocket!

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