Why Preservation of Heritage Sites Is Way More Important Than You Think?

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Heritage sites are a symbol of history. They are a representation of the past, and seem like you used a time machine and travelled back multiple centuries when amoung them.

Why Preservation of Heritage Sites Is Way More Important Than You Think?

When you hear the term "heritage preservation" for the first time, you might be thinking back to the use of some chemicals which would preserve the collection of your Grandma’s canned soups or pickled jars in an edible state! Or maybe even a boring, history-related course that you happily dodged at university! But heritage preservation is nothing like that. It’s basically the planned preservation and execution of activities which help to protect our historical and cultural resources. This is important for the society, the economy, and the world as a whole. Heritage sites aren’t just meant for you to take photos at, they symbolize a rich past and a bright future.

So, needless to say, heritage sites are a symbol of history. They are a representation of the past, and seems like you used a time machine and travelled back multiple centuries. You might be wondering is it really necessary to spend all that time, energy, and money in the preservation of such heritage sites? You must be doubtful of the facts that are they really important to be present in the world we live in? Well, apparently they are, and once you reach the end of this article, we are pretty sure you will agree with us, too. So, you should definitely think of preserving our history, avoiding irreversible damage to our culture, and thus go for heritage stone testing. Stone Initiatives is a NATA accredited company who specialises in the evaluation and testing of stones at heritage sites. Their services are highly required and hired by owners, architects, and heritage site conservators.

3 reasons heritage sites must be preserved and protected

History serves as a laboratory in our world and helps us to understand the laws and structures that have continued to exist. This in turn helps us to move towards an ideal society. Visiting various heritage sites and learning about various cultures all over the world can help us turn into a better global citizen. And, of course, every historical site has a very interesting and inspiring story to tell. Needless to say, they are our connection to the past; and just like any other quality assurance test, like the slip test, we should be sure to test and preserve the quality of such sites.

  • Preserving identity: Heritage sites are undeniably the physical aspect of a city or a country’s identity. The timeless architecture, the prime location, and the outlook of these buildings tell us loads of unique stories of how the city came into existence and where it might be going. These sites add character and beauty to any place, and serve as a reminder to each of us of where we belong or come from.
  • Heritage is wealth: And we mean "wealth" in all the senses. Heritage sites are not only a source of cultural wealth, but they are also the sources of monetary wealth for any nation. They bring in tourists by the masses, and help to bring in a substantial amount of money that could further be used in the development of the society, economic growth, and prosperity. There’s a reason why our Facebook and Instagram feeds are always filled with selfies at rich, heritage sites that make us want to visit them more than ever. These sites serve as exciting, unforgettable experiences which are worth travelling around the world for.
  • Job creation: Heritage sites not only bring external wealth through tourism, but they also circulate internal wealth in the economy. These old, heritage buildings are quite critical and expensive to look after and maintain. So, you need skilled craftsmen, architects, and people who could take care of it. This helps to create jobs in the economy, especially for contractors, architects, and artisans. Also, the residential or commercial properties nearby heritage sites and buildings tend to have a very inflated real estate price.

So, these were some of the major benefits that preserving any heritage site at any corner of the world shall bestow upon us. Heritage sites are the heart and soul of existence, and need small, but continued, efforts from all of us to survive centuries to come.

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