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Why Marrakech is perfect for a romantic getaway

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By Sewmini James Published 16 days ago 4 min read
Why Marrakech is perfect for a romantic getaway
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

From being able to set off in a hot air balloon over Marrakech, delighting in the street food delicacies, and going on long walks in a botanical garden that will help you settle down to celebrating and living life with your significant other, Marrakech is a North African adventure just waiting for its next partakers. Thus, for those couples seeking sublime and romantic getaways in Marrakech, then herein lies a guide on why you should be making such a decision.

Wander hand in hand through the magnificence of Bahia Palace

A classic example of 19th-century Moroccan architecture that marries airy spaces with sprinklings of lush green foliage, the supremely positioned Bahia Palace will be your introduction to local culture and heritage. Built during the 1860s by Grand Vizier Si Moussa and covering 8,000 square metres, Bahia Palace is an amalgamation of zouak ceilings, Italian Carrara marble, and exquisite marquetry and in turn, showcases as many as 150 rooms, of which a handful are open to the general public to explore. Look out for the Petit Riad whose walls are adorned in plasterwork and verses from the Quran while its overall appearance reflects the intricacies of the houses belonging to the Medina. From here, move on to the Grand Riad which is a sprawling courtyard replete with beautiful fountains, greenery, zouak artistry, stained glass, and carved wood lintels, which add to its allure of being the oldest part of Bahia Palace. Finally, head straight for Cour d’Honneur nestled in between the Petit Riad and Grand Riad where you will stumble upon an open space complete with Italian Carrara marble floors and a gallery that brings together the hues of yellow and bright blue woodwork and plasterwork in one masterful display of craftsmanship.

Set foot inside Jemaa el-Fnaa

Doubling as a marketplace and square, Jemaa el-Fnaa is at most times, a beehive of activity that witnesses more than merely buyers and sellers meeting each other en route to striking up bargain after bargain. Located in Marrakech’s Medina (Old City), Jemaa el-Fnaa will pave the way for you and your loved one to invest your time in a wide array of pastimes. To begin with, the square is the ideal destination to sample mouthwatering local food that will more or less put you in the mood for what comes next. From an entertainment perspective, Jemaa el-Fnaa sure does steal the show for you will be served by a cross-section of personalities who have been applying their trade here for many a year. Watch in awe as snake charmers thrill you to bits, listen in as storytellers narrate their versions of how Marrakech saw the light of day and rub your hands in glee as dancers and magicians put on one brilliant display.  

Make a date with Jardin Majorelle

The brainchild of French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886–1962), the splendid Jardin Majorelle will coax you towards embracing its enchanting presence and appeal. This botanical garden, which was purchased by the man himself in 1923, four years after marrying the love of his life has transformed into a welcoming haven conducive for nature travellers and newlyweds to embark on rewarding strolls. Say adieu to the bustle of Marrakech and set course for the garden’s well-manicured areas, that will involve moving past palm trees and cacti trees with amazing ease. Also, be sure to click away at a rate of knots and strike that perfect holiday pose before moving off to neighbouring parts of the city.

Take in the sights and sounds of Marrakech from an elevated position

When contemplating visiting Marrakech, things to do will include enjoying a hot air balloon ride while being based at popular hotels like La Maison Arabe Marrakech. During such a pursuit, you and your better half will be well positioned to absorb the unique ambience surrounding the Jbilet landscape, but from a higher elevation. Rides commence at the crack of dawn and will see to it that you cover the numerous villages that comprise Marrakech together with the palm oasis of Palmeraie, which borders the city’s northern area. What’s more? You will be served a wholesome breakfast that celebrates the values of the Berber people who are considered the indigenous folk of North Africa’s Maghreb region that will certainly add another layer to your time in Marrakech, Morocco.

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