Who’s Talking About Sex... and Travel?

We’re young, adventurous and fearless. Let’s own it!

Who’s Talking About Sex... and Travel?

Definitely not something I was thinking about in much depth when preparing for my first solo trip, but it was bound to happen at some point. Excitement, adrenaline, endorphins. All the best feelings that boil over in that restless long-haul flight into the unknown. On a completely unrelated note—Dad, please don't read this one.

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55% of solo travel searches in the UK are women of 25-34 years in London. Go girls! My point is we're young, single and 100% adventurous. The empowerment that fills your body as you step onto fresh, foreign soil for the first time. After you sleep off that jetlag, you'll be out exploring the nightlife of the city with fellow travellers.

Sex shouldn’t be a controversial topic. Men need to be educated on what we like. The most enjoyable sex is happening in relationships lasting longer than a year, why? Because we’re telling them what we want! Why should we have to just go through with it if we’re not having fun? In this day and age, you need to have the power to say—“I am not enjoying this.” Not just that, to say no and not give a reason. The other day, I was awoken at 7 AM by some drunk lad who decided he wanted my number. So he woke me up! I was infuriated with myself for not telling him to fuck right off—but I was tired and confused so I just plugged my number in anyway. This got me thinking, why don’t I just have the balls to say, ‘No, I’m not attracted to you’ rather than ‘Sorry, I have a boyfriend?’ It’s become easier to lie or just to deal with it than to say what you’re thinking. Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion—but we should be brutally honest about what we do and don’t want (even in the bedroom).

Solo travel has been proven to develop your self-awareness, and in turn, your confidence. You're on your own, you decide where you go, where you eat, when you eat, when you wake up, when you go to sleep. No one else's opinion matters. It's your world. You will feel on top of the world—nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, you are unstoppable—boom! Endorphins.

According to this guy, I have trouble orgasming so he chanted and rubbed my arm to help me out.

The boys back home are so basic. Average at most. I used to wonder where all the attractive guys had gone. Guess where I found them? They're all in South East Asia—so grab your passports ladies and get your arses out here! Staying in hostels, you meet so many people from all different walks of life. 'Meet' being the key word here—Tinder is overrated. The best way to meet new people is face-to-face. I would definitely want to tell my grandkids I'd met their Grandad travelling and we'd fell madly in love than that I'd met them online. Although, right now, we're not thinking about the future—this is the here and now and that gorgeous guy by the bar is looking right back at me.

Krabi, Thailand

It's undeniable that sex is a great remedy for stress-relief, it releases endorphins (a morphine-like substance in your body) that flow to your brain and make you feel great. The excitement of travel has the same effect—venturing into the unknown. It's exciting. You can be whoever you want to be. It's all about you.

It's also been proven through research that sex improves your productivity and creativeness. A study showed that people who were having regular sex were more successful in their area of work. So if you're business-minded like myself, you'll definitely be conjuring up new money-making ideas while you're away. You just need something to keep that ball rolling—or someone...

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

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