Where The Eagles Bathe

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On a secluded beach along the Columbia River...

Where The Eagles Bathe
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

A pair of bald eagles teach us about savoring lifes most precious moments.

Owning a dog is one of the surest ways to get in your daily exercise. Particularly when you live in a small space like a Studio or RV as we do. Our Staffordshire Terrier, Athena, takes us for a daily constitutional religiously and without fail. In her opinion, if she were to miss her walk, she’d surely expire and not make the next day. There is a wonderful but secluded beach just walking distance from the RV park where we stay and it’s perfect for allowing Athena to run freely.

Heads up, the trail leading to the beach may belong to the railroad so please be respectful. I have seen railroad employees working nearby and there are train tracks that run perpendicular to the trail. Yes, trains use the tracks regularly so please stay clear of that area. There are many visitors to the beach and not once has anyone told us we can’t use the trail to get there. We walk there every day. You can locate the beach on the map easily. Just google Goble Beach, Goble OR and viola.

The walk to Goble Beach from our camp spot is not short but very doable even in sandals. The terrain is stony and there are prickly marion berry vines scattered along the sides of the trail so you’d need to take care if your toes are exposed. Be sure to take along some sort of container for samples if you go in mid July. The berries are plump, blackish-purple, sweet and plentiful!

As you approach the levee, look upward and toward the Highway. There, you’ll notice perched high upon a telephone pole, a huge nest that houses a family of Osprey. These majestic birds of prey watch closely all who enter the area as their nest holds fledglings who’ll soon take their maiden voyages and their parents like to ensure a safe place for the children to land.

We have observed the Osprey on several occasions as they take flight, carry fish and other morsels, add soft grasses to the nest or as they fly overhead searching for food in the river. Observing this family is a highlight of our daily trek to the beach. In addition to the Osprey, we have seen beaver, geese, ducks, muscles, and other wildlife doing business along the river here.

This day, as we descend the levee and down through the sand, an amazingly beautiful sight greets us. In the air, an American Bald Eagle circles above us and screeches of warning meet our ears. The sight of this regal bird soaring overhead stopped us in our tracks. Athena also took notice of him and held her paws quiet and still.

Even from the ground, his golden yellow beak and dark brown wings created a stark contrast to his pure white head and tail. He was gorgeous and the way he flew had me certain he actually knows how beautiful he is. We took a long few moments to watch him fly out of site before unclasping the leash to allow Athena to run out on the beach. But nearly as soon as she took off running, Jason noticed another amazing sight in front of us...The eagle, or what we assumed was the same one, had landed in a small pool in front of us. We quickly collared the dog and stood motionless to watch the eagle bathe. Shortly though, a huge shadow cast from above, crossed the sand in front of us. That is when we realized, there is not one eagle, but a pair!

We have no idea which was which but we decided the wife was the one bathing in the pool and hubby was on lookout. They were so striking, I had to catch breath while we savored each second this royal couple went about their tasks. They bathed, drank, flew around and made the most joyous trilling sounds as they went. The large size of them is awesome as they look about the height of a 2 or 3 year old child and their wingspan is twice the width and simply glorious.

I know it was only moments but since we were savoring the seconds, it seemed an eternity that we were allowed the privilege to watch this couple go about their routine and it reminds me that we humans take our time on earth for granted. We should savor each second and take every opportunity to spend time with people we love and care for. If you think about it, in the same way we watched the eagle couple, every moment you spend watching your children, grandchildren, parents, partner, friends and all those you love, should be so cherished.

Go ahead and do the things you love. Try the things you want to try. Paint, sculpt, garden, become a yogi, a teacher or pastor. Do what makes you happy and take the opportunity to savor your time with people who make you smile. Enjoy the moments and make as many memories as possible.

Don’t simply count the days...be certain to make the days count.

Laura Miller
Laura Miller
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