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What’s The Secret behind New Orleans’ Fat Tuesday Celebration?

Secret behind New Orleans’ Fat

By Tastebud Food ToursPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday as it is popularly known is one of the most happening celebrations in New Orleans every year and people from across the globe throng the place which begins on January 6 and continues till Mardi Gras or “Fat Tuesday”.

Most of the time visitors coming to New Orleans to participate in the Fat Tuesday celebration don’t know the intricacies of the festival. Here in this article, we will discuss important tips to help you explore the Fat Tuesday celebration in New Orleans.

Take Part in Parades

One of the biggest attractions of Fat Tuesday is the parades that you are going to witness or carnivals as they are popularly called. You should definitely make a plan to attend these carnivals when you are visiting New Orleans, you should make a plan to definitely attend these carnivals.

You will be amazed to know that every individual parade has its name and the Krewe in these parades are the talk of the town. All these carnivals have their planned route and they traverse through these routes and people throng the pathways and take positions on the rooftops to welcome these parades.

You need to get in touch with your tour operators and the locals to know the route of the parade so that you can take up a suitable position to witness the carnivals. Besides that, the people participating in these parades have got their own costumes and people also match up with them by wearing the costume of their choice to show support for their favorite carnival.

Indulge In The King Cake

The biggest attraction of Fat Tuesday celebrations when it comes to food and drinks is the King Cake. When you are visiting New Orleans to attend the Mardi Gras celebrations, you must definitely indulge in eating King Cake. For the curious ones, the King Cake is actually a giant pastry that is made especially in honor of Mardi Gras celebrations.

These cakes are filled with various stuffings and made especially for the occasion and the most unique thing about this cake is that you are going to find it in every restaurant and household in New Orleans. If you want to taste the best cake in the city, then you need to ask your tour operator and the locals about some of the best restaurants where you can have this cake.

Besides the king cake, you can indulge in many mouth-watering delicacies that are made for the occasion and there are some traditionally made dishes that are unique to New Orleans that you will find during this Fat Tuesday celebrations.

Visit The Mardi Gras World

One of the most happening places in New Orleans during the Fat Tuesday celebrations is the Mardi Gras World. Visiting the Mardi Gras World should be at the top of your priority list because it contains the whole history of the Fat Tuesday celebrations.

In addition to that, Mardi Gras World is the place where all the floats for the parade are built and you will definitely find the place very fascinating to explore. In fact, the people over there offer tours and you can get to know the history of the parade floats during this tour.

There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into building such spectacular floats and learning about all these interesting details will make you appreciate the effort of the Krewes in making these carnival stand out.

However, you need to keep one thing in mind that the Mardi Gras World is not accessible three days prior to the Fat Tuesday celebrations and during the three days leading to the celebrations they have slightly altered timing of their closing, so you need to book in advance to grab a glimpse of this place.

After Party Celebrations

Well, the celebrations doesn’t end abruptly because the after party celebrations in the Bourbon street will leave you with memories that you will cherish for your life. The Bourbon street during the Fat Tuesday celebrations turns into a sea of revelers and the celebrations continues much into the night even after the carnivals have passed.

However, you need to be a bit early if you want to get a good spot on the bourbon street and enjoy the parade.


The above-discussed factors are some of the most interesting facts about Fat Tuesday celebrations and you need to book your tickets in advance because waiting for the last minute might get you in trouble because all the hotels are packed with people and you won’t like to be left out of the celebrations.


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