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What Happened When I Got Sick On Vacation

It went just about as well as you'd think.

By Candice GalekPublished about a year ago 4 min read
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It finally happened to me, I got sick in Mexico from eating or drinking something that I shouldn't have. Let me rewind a bit.

There's nothing quite like being sick to remind you how much you take advantage of feeling well. On a day-to-day basis, I tend to overlook just how good I am in fact feeling because it's commonplace and goes unnoticed. However, once I am under the weather it becomes glaringly obvious just how often I take my health for granted.

Thursday was my birthday. I had already celebrated the weekend before by relaxing on a beach somewhere sunny. I boogie boarded in warm waters and laughed until my cheeks hurt. So when my actual birthday rolled around I had a simple day. Worked in a cafe, lunch with a friend, and then an excellent dinner with my boyfriend at a trendy restaurant we hadn't tried before.

Life was good.

Getting Sick In Mexico

I awoke at 6 am on Friday feeling restless, and warm. I felt thirsty and nauseous and my stomach was grumbling, so I went to the restroom. While in there my face was tingling and I knew I was going to throw up, which is very rare for me. I am one of those people who will do anything to NOT throw up. I knew something wasn't right.

After my body fully expelled whatever the heck was in the from the day before, I headed back to bed. I told my boyfriend I had thrown up and had an upset stomach then - like the white knight he is - he volunteered to go to the pharmacy to get medicine for me. He returned quickly with the goods and I repeatedly made trips to the bathroom for my body to literally expel Satan reincarnated. 

I had a flight scheduled for the afternoon but knew there was no way that was going to happen. I made a call to American Airlines and asked to change my flight, which they did quickly and efficiently for me. 

Eventually, he tucked me into a blanket on the couch and left for work, and my new routine continued. As a true hero does, he stopped by for lunch with a slew of necessities in hand. Plain white rice from one restaurant, chicken broth from another. A selection of electrolyte hydration beverages, two thermometers, a large pack of saltine crackers, etc.

You see, I had never actually been sick in the time we've been dating. It came as quite the surprise that he was so doting and caring, without him I surely would have shriveled into a dehydrated sickly sack of skin in bed. I cannot properly express how grateful I was for his help at that time, but I do realize what a gem of a man he is.

As the day progressed I stopped vomiting and had cold chills anytime I was not under a blanket despite not having a fever. Oh, I forgot to mention I had taken a Covid test on my birthday to prepare for a flight on Friday. I definitely did not have Covid. But now with the flight change would need to take another test before my new flight days later regardless.

What To Do When You're Sick

As the day went on I nibbled on banana, plain white rice, and saltine crackers. I don't think I left the couch but to run to the bathroom, but I had plenty of TV to catch up on so that was fine. 

I watched all the episodes of Grey's Anatomy that I missed out on in the past. The new Sex and the City remake called And Just Like That, Dexter, and Pretty Little Fires.

Anyways, over the next two days, I didn't do a whole lot. I ended up getting a headache from laying down too much. Does that ever happen to you? It surely wasn't from dehydration because I drank a lot of fluids. My cat (who is always my best buddy) never left my side. 

Life Pro Tips

I did learn a lesson through all of this. Remember to wash all fruit thoroughly before consuming it. Don't trust that nice restaurants offer filtered water by the glass. Another thing I remembered is that when shit hits the fan, I am perfectly capable of rolling with the punches.

I had to change my flight, retake a Covid test, reschedule a work call. Spend a weekend alone in another country in bed unsure of when I would in fact feel better.

My boyfriend said something that helped to keep it in perspective for me:

"You're not going to die, it's okay. You are sick but it will pass." 

Life Lessons

On Thursday I was having an excellent dinner and feeling great, and a few short hours later I was sick as a dog. Sometimes the universe throws curveballs like that at you, and all you can do is roll with it and move forward.

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