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Vivid Sydney Attractions for Families

All set for Vivid Sydney 2023? Here's a short read on some of its family-friendly highlights!

By Charlotte EvelynPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Life is meant to be celebrated and events have become occasions for us to rejoice with our families. Vivid Sydney is one of the biggest celebrations in Sydney that sees the confluence of lights, ideas, music, and food, with kids having some real fun. And going aboard one of the Vivid Sydney Cruises is one of the best options to enjoy a panoramic view of this event.

Here are some family-friendly attractions awaiting you at the Vivid Sydney 2023.

The Lighting of the Sails

Love paintings? If yes, step aboard one of the Vivid Cruises with your family. Marvel at the Sydney Opera House sails that come alive with a stunning tribute to late Australian artist John Olsen's lifelong fascination with nature. This dynamic artwork showcases Olsen's six-decade career into a visual masterpiece. John Olsen's artistic genius will continue to inspire the artist in your child. Make this moment unforgettable by capturing pictures of your kids with HD images of this spectacular event in the background!

Written in the Stars

Do your kids love drones and stargazing? If yes, seize this opportunity to be mesmerised by ‘Written in the Stars’, the largest drone show in the Southern Hemisphere from the waters. Explore the solar system from the sun to Jupiter and admire the beauty of the night sky as the drones paint it with lights and formations! What do you think will be written in the stars?

Harbour Life

Witness this 7-min animation event with your children, showcasing the majesty of ancient sea turtles that have graced these waters for over two centuries. Join the Eora people, masters of fishing. Enjoy the journey through Australia’s marine environment through the eyes of a turtle. Experience the inspiring efforts of conservationists using ocean-based drones to preserve marine life.

Vivid Kids

Inspire the creativity in your children with Vivid Kids! The year 2022 saw 11-year-old Luca French become the youngest-ever Vivid Sydney artist with his creation Ninget Universe. This year, we will witness twelve artists aged 7-14 bring their imagination to life on one of Sydney's oldest buildings on the theme of endangered species in collaboration with animators and designers from the Spinifex Group.

Wildlife & Wild Places

Do your kids love koalas? If yes, take them to the towering Eucalypt forests. Immerse them in a birds-eye view of the whales as they savour their meals in the frozen waters of Antartica and snorkel with turtles amidst the vibrant corals of The Great Barrier Reef. Wouldn’t you love it?

Invisible Corals

Brace yourself to be amazed by the incredible strength of coral reefs with your kids. This year's Vivid Sydney will see a renowned artist inspired by this natural phenomenon creating digital corals capable of growing and flourishing on any surface they touch. Watch these adaptable corals as they envelop all four walls in a captivating display.

Between You and Me

Take your kids up the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylons and adore the Australian birds entertaining you with a journey across the skies. Follow the native animals, including the endangered across the sky. Have some fun by seeing the number of birds your kids recognize.


Do your kids love birds? If yes, experience the magic that unfolds when thousands of birds fly in unison at dusk in breathtaking patterns to avoid predators. Watch your kids get mesmerised as chaos turns into calmness.

Thus, Vivid Sydney comes with an incredible array of attractions that will blow your kids’ minds. From gazing at the marine wonders and native animals and being captivated by the mesmerising light displays,and much more, this event guarantees experiences your children will treasure forever. So don't miss out on the extraordinary extravaganza that is awaiting you and your family!

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