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Unrivalled Sydney Venues for the Ultimate Corporate Event

by Scarlett Stark about a month ago in australia
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Looking for the perfect corporate party idea? Impress your colleagues or friends with these handpicked Sydney venues for the ultimate office event.

corporate christmas party cruises sydney

Going back to the office on a Monday can only be smoothened by corporate parties. Yes, it’s going to be that time of the year again– those events at the end of the year to make everyone merry and drink lots of themed cocktails and beers. These office parties are often held to show appreciation to employees for a year of hardwork and maybe for some, the only chance to bond and team-build. The venue makes for more than half of the success in such parties and if you still haven't found yours, check out this list.

Corporate Christmas Party Cruises on Sydney Harbour

Surely there are plenty of restaurants and private dining rooms in the city to plan a casual team outing, but hosting a classy event onboard one of the top boats on Sydney Harbour is a different gravy. If you're keen on impressing your colleagues or even your boss, then this is your pick. Book a cruise on the authentic paddlewheeler for an unforgettable wine and dine experience on the harbour waters, surrounded by luminous city lights and the iconic landmarks of the nation. Cruise on this classic vessel for a fun night out with your companions–share intimate moments on the wrap-around verandahs, take advantage of the onboard bars, savour delicious food and enjoy the hour-long cabaret show!

And if you prefer a day party, then the Harbour cruise Christmas party lunch would be your go-to option. A lunch cruise sets the right ambience to enjoy mouth-watering food and drinks with your team; and with the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the background, expect nothing short of spectacular!

Escape Rooms!

If you're looking to stay away from the norm and do something unique for your corporate team that will remain treasured for many years, then you should give Escape Rooms a go! This is one of those exhilarating, out-of-the-box venues to host a Christmas Party and will be ideal to improve morale and team cohesion. Sydney has a bunch of escape rooms and the newer “challenge rooms” including Escape Hunt, The Cipher Room, Next Level Escape and Hijinx Hotel. With unique team-building games, mystery puzzles and unusual clues, you and your buddies will be immersed in a highly interactive game where you would communicate with each other like never before and work as a team! This makes it an excellent choice for office parties.


Perhaps the one thing that’s synonymous with office parties around the world is that it's such a snore. But hey, yours don’t have to be like that. Combine every element of a throwback, recommend a theme, create costume ideas that travel back to the 70s, or any other decade! Make it that everyone should come to the party with the fashion trend of the said period and dance to the respective music at that time. If you're looking to kick it up even further, make drinks and snacks also period-appropriate! Tatler in Darlinghurst is the perfect venue for such parties with the right amount of features to make it seem as a private home, except for the part of cleaning up yourself! They even offer DJs, pianists, acrobats and other performers to ensure you enjoy something of a shotopper!

Rooftop Part-aay!

Rooftops are always a win situation for corporate events. Glenmore Hotel in The Rocks is dubbed as the best rooftop garden in Sydney and rightly so. Perfect for long lunches, whether it be a cocktail for 150 people or a BBQ for 20, soaking up the sun and relaxing while enjoying views of the harbour is an experience worth remembering. Even if you prefer to stay indoors the lounge will be ideal since it has a great reputation for hosting hundreds of successful private functions and gatherings.


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