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Unique Christmas Party Venues Whilst Visiting Australia

by Scarlett Stark about a year ago in australia
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Visit Australia during this summer. Get on board a Christmas party cruise in Sydney or enjoy a memorable event in close connection with nature.

Do you know why tourists around the world are so attracted to Australia? I can tell you why. Because, Australia is often recognised as a wonderland among the tourists. There are many beautiful locations, magical islands, stunning coloured beaches, and unequalled architectural marvels in Australia. The indegenous people aka Aboriginals, maintained an interdependent relationship with nature. That mystical connection and nature worship can still be seen in various locations. You can see a modern Australia that still grows in the roots of its past culture and glory. Let me help you to find the best spot if you have plans to visit Australia during this summer season, in its favourite month, to celebrate the upcoming Xmas with family and friends.

Sydney Harbour Cruise

Do you still have doubts regarding the Christmas party venues around Sydney? Is there even a chance to doubt? Okay, let me fix this. Harbour, the heart of Sydney has some amazing cruising restaurants that host perfect private, regular, and Harbour event parties and celebrations in an outstanding manner. Get on board an authentic paddle wheeler with an old world charm offering an amazing Sydney Harbour cruise around 3 hours in the most scenic route. Catch sight of the spectacular Harbour marvels like Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the festive atmosphere with Xmas music. Click some amazing photographs in this picture-perfect background. Enjoy a multi-cuisine buffet or a 3 course seated and served freshly cooked food depending on the package. You will also be able to watch a spectacular one hour cabaret show by an Australian cast on a dinner cruise. Enjoy your cruise tasting some of the refreshing soft drinks and beverages available for purchase from the fully licensed bar on board. Gather up your friends and family and hop on board a show boat Christmas party cruise in Sydney Harbour.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Like I said earlier, Australia is full of surprises and wonders. Have you heard anything about coloured rocks and lakes? You should definitely visit Australia if you want to witness these unique natural wonders. Kata Tjuta can be identified as a rock formation that is considered sacred to the Aboriginal history and culture. There are many Dreamtime stories and legends from this Uluru-Kata part of Australia. Uluru is the Aborginal name for one of the largest mountains in the world- Ayers Rock and the surrounding land. The people are often associated with the rock formation spiritually and consider various spots around the rock as sacred. The place is calm, serene, mystic, and acts as a cultural centre for ethnic and religious rituals.

Daintree National Park

Nature can heal, refresh, and calm both the inner and outer surface of our body. Nature often acts as a tuning fork with mystical vibration that can soothe our soul. Let the season help you to achieve the necessary freshness and a peaceful mind. Daintree National Park is one of the rich, “biologically diverse rainforests” in Queensland. Try to visit the location for a unique Xmas party celebration with a close connection with nature and its wildlife. Catch sight of its abundance and feel the mystical connection that embraces you. This rainforest covers around 1200sqkm and is often identified as one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. There are many crocodile cruises to have an up-close view of the predator species- crocodiles. Try to spot crocodiles,snakes, and a variety of frogs in their natural habitat. Try to visit the Discovery Centre and go through the interpretive displays. Learn and explore nature and the significance it has.


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