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Two of the Best Ways to Explore Sydney During the Day

by Scarlett Stark 11 months ago in australia
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Visit the hidden Dharawal Park in the Illawarra region of NSW or hop on a lunch cruise in Sydney with your favourite group for a fun outdoor experience!

Sydney is one of the most desired destinations around the world for travellers and tourists and it is a must-visit for any culture vultures. This spectacular metropolis offers numerous outdoor activities that guarantees an eventful evening. If you're looking to explore Sydney during the day, there are a lot of things you can do to have a good time. Even though there are more famous places like Bondi Beach or the Opera House, Sydney has also managed to maintain many unspoiled beaches and public gardens as well. The city is brimming with diversity and you can find it at each and every corner. Here are a few outdoor activities that will be worth your time and money.

Harbour Lunch Cruises, Sydney Harbour

The harbour is one of the main destinations people tend to visit after stepping foot in Sydney. Housing an array of cruises, restaurants, museums , entertainment venues and more, the harbour is a famous tourist hub. If you stop by the harbour in the middle of the day, the best way to spend some leisure time is to board a lunch cruise in Sydney and take a voyage through the harbour. This is the ideal option if you’re looking for a quick getaway from the city or to have an alternative dining experience on the waters. Pick the authentic paddlewheeler and further enhance your experience with live entertainment. With this cruise you can soak in the spectacular sights of the iconic Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Fort Denison and many more through its cathedral windows and wrap-around verandahs. Look out for opportunities to click amazing photographs with your friends or families, set against these harbour attractions. After taking in the views, the sun and the sea breeze, you can head back inside the cruise and explore its interiors. Later, you can go to the vast dining space and savour a delicious lunch buffet prepared freshly by the onboard chefs. To have a more immersive experience, you can opt to purchase a beverage package so you can enjoy the whole experience with a little bit of zest. So raise a glass, listen to some jazz tunes and take in the spectacles of the harbour one by one on this popular Sydney Harbour lunch cruise.

Dharawal National Park, Madden Plains

This is one of the recently opened national parks, just 45 kilometres south west of Sydney and is the land of the Dharawal Aboriginal people. Australia is known for housing some of the world's best natural wonders and wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. The Dharawal National Park is a good way to experience the native flora and fauna and it offers an endless natural space for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. For a more informative experience, you can opt for a guided tour that is held every second Saturday of the month. These tours are hosted by an Aboriginal ranger who will educate you with profound knowledge about the Dreamtime (a notion of Aboriginal spiritual existence and history) and some local facts about the native plants and animals that you are surrounded with. If you can't manage a weekend tour, no need to worry, as there are few spots inside the park you can explore by yourself. Head to the Jingga Falls, a perfect secluded spot to cool yourself down. You can reach here by following the fire trail that can be found at the northwestern entry through Campbelltown. The beginning of the track might be steep and a bit intimidating but it's definitely worth the walk. Follow this rugged track as it leads to your destination and don't miss out on the sandstone formations and Eucalyptus that surrounds you. After reaching the splendid water body, you can dip into the waters and opt to swim downstream to other spots such as the O’Hares Creek or return to the starting point and embark on a journey to explore other attractions of the park like the Minerva Pools.


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