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Tulip Town

Adventures With My Corgi Morty

By Kayla LindleyPublished 29 days ago 3 min read
My Pembroke-Welsh Corgi Morty- Tulip Town 2023

I challenged myself upon arriving to Washington State that every week I was going to do something. Whether that being big or small, I just did not want to stay home. After working with my therapist, we developed healthy coping mechanisms for helping me manage my mental health issues, because staying at home and sleeping in bed all day is not an option.

My dog Morty is a huge part of that ability to motivate me and keep going every day. He is my ESA (Emotional Support Animal) and I got him back in 2019. Since then Morty has been my ride or die buddy. He's traveled across the country 3 times with me, and more importantly he keeps me calm. So you will notice in a lot of the upcoming articles I write you will see him featured multiple times. Because wherever I go he goes. We are a duo.

He also has been a support system to my kids who both are on the autism spectrum. My youngest being completely non verbal and the other being high functioning. So truly he's been therapeutic to all of us, and he pretty much goes everywhere with me if he can. He has an wandering spirit that's seen the Grand Canyon, California, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Chicago, and now Washington. Today's adventure took us to Tulip Town in Mount Vernon, WA!

Tulip Town! Credit: Kayla Lindley

This place is a seasonal family farm where the tulips are in full bloom and attract thousands of people every year to Washington state! This place is perfect to get those perfect Instagram pictures or you just want to get a nice family photo of your kids for once. They also have photography passes where you can spend the entire day photographing these beautiful flowers or again if you are an aspiring photographer looking to do family mini photoshoots this is a great way to build up that portfolio.

Tulip Town! Credit: Kayla Lindley

There's tons of flowers everywhere! They have tons of colors, and even have tractor rides that you can go on and see the property which is really nice. Lots and lots of photo opportunities. There's even a barn onsite with some cute little shops and food inside! And yes- Washington is known for it's micro breweries all over. Here it was no different there was multiple different beers on tap. They also had multiple little photo prompt areas that are even hand painted, or a gas wall with fresh tulips in it as well. Very Instgrammable spots in my opinion for people of all ages.

Tulip Town! Credit: Kayla Lindley

And the best part? They allow dogs! There's a couple of farms that are apart of this festival and some don't allow dogs! So this one does and I got a ton of cute pictures of Morty and this other dog I was dog sitting! I will say it does get windy so bring a light jacket, and wear close toed shoes if you decide to go because there is a lot of dirt. So in a nut shell if it rains it'll be muddy!

Morty at Tulip Town! Credit: Kayla Lindley

So if you want something fun to do with the family next year in April, I highly recommend checking out the Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon, WA. It's super pretty and there's tons of flowers every where. It's definitely a family affair. I also would recommend buying your tickets online because they are $2 cheaper.

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Kayla Lindley

Kayla is a neuro-spicy single mom, and writing is her therapy. When she isn't writing, Kayla is out collecting crystals, growing her sticker collection, and hiking in the mountains of Northern Washington with her Corgi Morty.

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  • Ndimension labsa day ago

    Wow.. The pictures are visual aid

  • hayaadnan16 days ago

    https://vocal.media/01/why-sinus-is-so-common-in-pakistan-s914p0hph read mine too if you like :)

  • hayaadnan16 days ago

    Beautifully written 💖🌸

  • Such a beautiful place to be! Congratulations on your Top Story!

  • Dana Crandell28 days ago

    Congratulations on the Top Story and thanks for pointing this one out! The Oregon Garden is another great stop in that part of the country and is also dog-friendly. Morty is awesome!

  • James Evans28 days ago

    Beautiful flowers

  • Brianna Smith28 days ago

    I love this and I love all of the visual aids!

  • Obiageli Nwankwo28 days ago

    Love your intro🤗

  • Farhan Mirza 28 days ago

    kayla lindley , why VOCAL is so slow , people here dont comment and follow as they do on medium

  • nguyenquochoang28 days ago

    wow i like

  • HollyBerries28 days ago

    So well-written! Morty sounds like so much fun. Even if I'm a cat lover, I have room in my heart for dogs too and can totally relate.😄

  • Babs Iverson28 days ago

    Love this!!! Congratulations on T. S. too!!!!💖💖💕

  • Heather Lunsford29 days ago

    I moved to Washington when I was 17 because it was the coolest place I had ever been. I have since moved away. Thank you for sharing your pictures. We loved this place in the springtime. Have you been to Snoqualmie Falls yet?

  • Lynn Anderson 29 days ago

    I can't wait to see where else Morty goes!

  • Roy Stevens29 days ago

    Congratulations on your Top Story Kayla!! (even if Morty helped a little! 😁)

  • Dana Stewart29 days ago

    Morty is a doll! Thank you for sharing this well written piece and Congratulations on your Top Story!

  • Holy cow thank you guys! I literally took a break from writing I am beyond excited you all love this so much! Thank you thank you!

  • Donna Renee29 days ago

    Congrats, Kayla!!

  • Beautiful photos

  • Amazing 😉❤️💯🎉Congratulations on your Top Story❗

  • Creativ Mindful29 days ago

    Wow Wow Wow...... Wonderful Story!

  • Roy Stevens29 days ago

    Beautiful photos Kayla, and Morty is adorable (and knows it!) 🐶😊

  • Donna Renee29 days ago

    Wow!! I’ve never been anywhere like that but it looks amazing! Morty seems pretty amazing too ❤️

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