Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

A lot of us skip out on our daily routine when we are travelling.

Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

A lot of us skip out on our daily routine when we are traveling. Be it a daily workout routine, the breakfast choices or the skincare regimen—missing out on a few things become part of traveling. While skipping on some activities might not trouble you much, if you skip out on your contact lenses the day shall turn out different. Slacking off the contacts can lead to endless problems, discomfort and worse, an eye infection!l

Here are some travel tips for contact lens wearers to be prepared and travel well with contact lenses.

Update your eyewear prescription

One week before you are due to travel make sure to give your ophthalmologist a visit. Get your eyes checked to ensure that the lenses you are wearing suit your eye and you have an updated prescription. This works especially when you are going to be traveling for a long time or leaving for another country. Carrying copies of prescription ensures that if you lose out on your lenses, you can buy one anywhere in the world.

Pack all your eyewear needs!

Be sure to pack not just your lens solution or lens store case but extra pairs of hidrocor eye contact lens to have an extra pair with you always. It is best to also have a backup spectacle in case the contact lenses don’t work out well during your travel. Have spare supplies is important for your eye care.

Practice good hygiene when traveling

During travel, your lenses are at a bigger risk of getting dirty or damaged. This is when you should handle the lenses with due care and keep them in lens case when not wearing. Changing the lens solution, cleaning the lenses, using clean and dry hands—all become a little more important when you are on travel.

Consider disposable lenses

Consider switching to daily disposable lenses if you aren't able to maintain enough hygiene during travel. The daily disposable lenses are much like your regular lenses but these cannot be used more than a day. With no need of cleaning or storing them in lens solution every time, you can be at rest with the eye care regime. Stock up on disposable lenses as per the number of days you are traveling.

Do not wear contact lenses in water

Swimming, visiting the beach or just trying water sporting—there are ample ways where your contact lenses can come in contact with water. Avoid them! Water invites the risk of fungal, amoeba and bacteria-borne infections into the eye when swimming. It is best to get into the water after removing your contact lenses or switch to daily disposable to throw them after you are done with water play. Putting on goggles before jumping into the pool helps keep the water away from lenses too.

Speaking of Cases

Always store your glasses in a hard case! The easiest thanks to harming your glasses is by neglecting to store them somewhere safe. Avoid putting your glasses on your head or hanging them on your shirt as a result of it’s the simplest way to break or lose them!

For sunglasses, a neck strap is an ultimate accessory for safekeeping—especially if you’re wearing them around water! That means your glasses are safely secured around your neck, and if they fall off, they won’t get so much.

Protect the lenses from Sun

Either use a UV protected contact lens or always wear polarized sunglasses when heading out in the sun, as the harmful UV rays of the sun can damage your usual contacts. Wear a hat, cover with glasses or switch to wearing UV protected contact lenses for a better experience.

No matter if you are a hidrocor avela soft contacts wearer or a person with regular contact lens choice—it is important to take due care of your lenses when traveling. Never purchase a new variant of contact lens when traveling. Stick to the regular and used variants to have a safe and sound traveling experience. Keep a check on your eyecare regime and you shall have a happy journey!

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