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Travel Safety Tips: How to Experience the World Safely

Are you by any chance thinking about going for a vacation? The thought of exploring new places whether alone or with the company is always fun.

Travel Safety Tips: How to Experience the World Safely
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Are you by any chance thinking about going for a vacation? The thought of exploring new places whether alone or with the company is always fun. Although, fun should not be the only thing that you are concerned about once you arrive at your travel destination. The truth is that falling ill, getting scammed, or robbed when on tour can turn your holiday into a nightmare very fast. Therefore, your safety should always be your topmost priority! How then do you travel the world while keeping safe? Here are tips on how to be safe when you are traveling:

1. Identify common scams in your travel destination

There exist unscrupulous individuals who have perfected the art of scamming people. Therefore, do not think that you are too sharp to be duped. You should identify common travel scams in the area you wish to travel to and stay alert. Some of the common scams you should be aware of include:

Ring scam in Paris

Fake police officers

Faulty taxi meters

Accidental spills on clothing

Child beggars

2. Take your driver’s license with you

If you plan to take a holiday during this pandemic, ensure that you carry an international driver’s license. When vacationing amidst COVID-19, you should refrain from boarding public vehicles to reduce your chances of contracting the virus. An international license is a requirement for renting a car in most countries across the globe. It can also serve as an identification tool should you get into trouble.

3. Note down your emergency information

Disaster is inevitable and you must be prepared. Upon arrival at your travel destination, you should develop an emergency plan that you will follow should a disaster strike. You should write down emergency contact on a piece of paper and have it laminated to protect from getting destroyed by moisture. Emergency contact should include police contacts, ambulance services, and your next of kin’s contact. You can also save such information along with a copy of your passport on a USB thumb drive. With such a solid emergency protocol you will enjoy your holiday stress-free.

4. Secure your valuables

Traveling with valuable items is not advisable in the first place. However, should you find yourself with your laptop, camera, jewelry, or other valuables, it is paramount that you lock them in a safe. Doing so is reducing your risk of attracting robbers.

Suppose you are worried about losing your valuables before you take that trip, ensure that you take an insurance policy for your items. Having an insurance policy will keep you at ease as you travel the world.

5. Develop a rapport with the locals

To better understand the area that you are in, you need to talk to the locals. The natives will tell you what neighborhoods are safe for you. Often, the best people to ask for advice are taxi drivers. Given that they know their way around places, they will tell you the best hotels to stay in and the good restaurants to eat at. However, you should “ALWAYS” “ALWAYS” ask for a second opinion. Apart from taxi drivers, hotel front desk workers are also a good source of information.

6. Notify your embassy

You should locate and register with your embassy when you land in a foreign country. Numerous countries have platforms where they register their citizens abroad. Should a natural disaster or a terrorist attack happen, it will be easy for your embassy to locate you and organize an evacuation plan for you. Additionally, should you also get into some kind of trouble, your embassy will serve as your haven.

7. Let you close friends know where you are

Once you have identified the places that you wish to visit, you should share your itinerary with your friends and family. When you email them, you should ensure that they receive it. While on your vacation, ensure that you also check in with a few friends and family members. Having people know where you are will make it easy for them to track you down in case you go missing.


There is this thrill that one experiences from going on an adventure. However, if you want to go back home in one piece, you should ensure that you stay safe. These travel safety tips will help you experience the world without fear. Therefore, employ them when you take your next trip abroad!

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