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Top Festivals To Attend | Best Places To Visit

by Scarlett Stark 2 years ago in australia
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Sydney vivid cruise

A festival is an event that generally carries a lot of cultural significance. Every nation has something of their own to offer. When travelling, ensure that you are visiting a place at the right time so that you get a truly enriching experience.

Go for a Sydney Vivid Cruise

Vivid is an event to celebrate Sydney being the creative hub of the Asia-Pacific and showcase the greatness of the beautiful city. This is an annual festival of lights, music, and ideas which is held in the heart of Australia, Sydney. This year it is taking place in the month of August. With the outdoor light installations and projections, the music performances by local as well as international artists, and a forum to exchange ideas and attend talks from creative thinkers. The main point of going for Vivid Sydney is to see the extravagant and unique light installations. Millions across come to see and be a part of Vivid Sydney, so don’t miss out on your opportunity this year. Both locals and tourists share the same level of awe and excitement when it comes to this festival. An experience which guarantees an amazing time is going for a vivid harbour cruise. It is nice to enjoy the installations just as it is, now imagine having a top quality waterfront dining experience while getting close up views of the installations and the best of Sydney’s icons.

vivid harbour cruise

Enjoy an authentic Sadhya in Kerala

India is known for its various festivals which are often unique and rich with culture. Onam is a Hindu festival which is celebrated in the Southern part of India, in Kerala. This is actually a harvest festival whose date is determined following the Malayalam calendar. There is also a legend that onam is celebrated to commemorate the spirit of the late King Mahabali who visits Kerala during the Onam season. This is one of the biggest annual events for Malayali people. The festivities include boat races called Vallam kali, tiger dances called Pulikali, the traditional flower Rangoli called Pookkalam, and many more such traditional activities. It is the day of New Year for Malayalis. Generally, educational institutions and offices give people a four-day holiday for this festival. It is a widely celebrated festival all across the cities of Kerala. The best part about Onam is the food served which is called Sadhya along with a sweet dessert called Payasam. Without this, Onam would be incomplete. Head over to check out the fun and games that Kerala has in store during Onam!

Dia de Muertos in Mexico

This is a day which was popularised by the Disney movie, Coco. Dia de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday which is related to the All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day which is a part of Catholic celebrations. The main activity for this holiday involves family and friends getting together to remember and pray for the family members and friends who have died. Contrary to expectation, it is not a day of mourning rather, it is a day of celebration. It is normally celebrated by building home altars called ofrendas, and honouring the dead using calaveras, the mexican marigold flowers, and the favourite food and beverages of the departed, and visiting their graves with gifts.

Every place has events and festivals which are representative of the communal culture and heritage. A lot of festivals are depictions of art and music. A festival not only brings people together but also helps collaborate different aspects of the community together. As a traveller, it is always best to during the festival time and be a part of something bigger than you can imagine.


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