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Top 10 Things to do While Waiting at the Airport

by Sid Mark 10 days ago in travel tips
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Here are a few ideas that are sure to keep travellers entertained – just don’t forget to board the plane on time!

Top 10 Things to do While Waiting at the Airport
Photo by Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

After checking in and going through security, there are always a few hours to kill at the airport before boarding the plane and jetting off on cheap package holidays in the sun. Trying on expensive sunglasses or browsing duty free are not the only things to keep you occupied though, as airports can be fun and fascinating places. Here are a few ideas that are sure to keep travellers entertained – just don’t forget to board the plane on time!

1. Check out the Planes

It’s not every day that the general public can get so close to a real life airplane. As several planes will be sat right there on the runway, it’d be rude not to check them out. Watch as they land and take off, observing the range of different colours, models and sizes or count the number of windows on each plane – a great way to pass the time.

2. Check out the People

Airports really are full of fascinating people from every walk of life. All sorts of characters can be found, from businessmen speaking loudly on their mobile phones to tired-looking mothers trying to control their four kids. People-watching never gets boring as there’s always something amusing to see.

3. Hit the Shops

Whether they’ve been planning their trip for months or they’ve booked late holidays at a bargain price, many passengers forget to take something important with them. Every type of shop imaginable can be found in the biggest airports though, selling everything from sunhats and books to flip flops and medication, so there’s no need to panic.

4. Play a Game

A great way to while away an hour or so is to play a game or two. Whether it’s a Sudoku or crossword for one, or a fun game of cards with the whole family, it’ll be time to board the plane in no time.

5. Start Writing a Holiday Diary

It’s always fun to look back on any funny moments and anecdotes from a holiday and the best place to start putting pen to paper is at the airport. All sorts of strange and unusual people are sure to pass by, so make a note of what they’re doing and the things they’re saying and enjoy reminiscing once the holiday is over.

6. Read a Book

It’s always useful to pack a book in hand luggage rather than in your suitcase so it can be whipped out at any moment. Time is sure to whiz by whilst reading a few chapters of a good book, rather than just staring intensely at the departures board.

7. Grab Something to Eat

Most airports offer a wide selection of food and drink outlets – it’s as if they know passengers will be hanging around for hours! Take advantage of this though and sit and have a tasty bite to eat because later on in the day all that will be available is the dreaded airplane food!

8. Chat to Someone New

There’s no better place to chat to a new person than at an airport. After all, everyone is bound to have something in common – going on holiday! Use that as an easy conversation starter and chat away to the person sat next to you. With a week or two stuck with the same people, it’ll be refreshing to talk to someone new and it’s surprising how interesting this can be.

9. Make a Phone Call

Airports can often be full of businessmen frantically making last minute phone calls before getting on the plane, but they can also be a great place to enjoy a phone call with a friend or family member. Find a quiet place to sit and enjoy a good natter – just try not to show off too much about going on holiday.

10. Go Online

Many airports now have free Wi-Fi so passengers flying with laptops are able to browse the web at their hearts content. Forget about the usual popular sites such as YouTube and Facebook and try researching a particular subject to learn something new. Films and TV channels are also readily available online so travellers can relax with their favorite program before boarding the plane.

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