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Time to Learn Spanish... Prelude!

by Amargeaux Rai 2 years ago in culture

Lemme introduce Myself...

Anyone else feeling like they could use a new hobby? I know with the quarantine going on, being in the house all day can be a pain in the neck!!

So I figured that I'd write about the best thing I know; Languages.

I could give you a whole history background on who I am, what I do, why I'm here, what my fave colour is , what I had for breakfast, yada yada... It's best that I do, but I want to keep it short and simple...

My name is Amargeaux Rai, and one of my biggest hobbies in the world is learning languages. I was raised in a neighbourhood that was full of people from many different countries; many of which came from the Caribbean and many Spanish speaking countries.

I am of Indian descent, and watched many Hindi, Malayalam, and Punjabi movies growing up. (Indians were the second biggest population in my neighbourhood)

Wait, lemme back up...

By Matt Alaniz on Unsplash

I grew up in Florida, and nearly everyone who lived in my neighbourhood was an immigrant because our neighbourhood was less than twenty minutes from Walt Disney World, and there, because the place is so huge -- about the same size as San Francisco -- it's easy to get a job, as long as you had a working visa... plus the houses were, like, really cheap.

Well anyway, because I was surrounded by people who barely spoke English, I adapted and picked up their language very easily, because I heard it everywhere. And not just Spanish and Indian Languages: I picked up, French, Jamaican patois, Trini patois, Haitian Creole, Just to name a few.

Well one day, I started getting into Anime.

By Ashley Jurius on Unsplash

At first I was watching the dubbed version, but let's be real... I don't know how people can watch it like that... It sucks. So, I decided to watch it with subtitles.

It was better, but... the subtitles...

Don't get me wrong, I love to read. Plus I'm a writer. I love a good story. I wouldn't be on this site if I didn't, right? I love watching T.V., as we all. Again, I love a good story.

But reading while watching T.V.? I'd... I'd rather have lice.

So I started learning Japanese on my own; The first time I'd actually picked up a book in order to learn a language.

Well, after about two or three months of practicing, I had on my one of my Fave animes on, and there was one moment where I understood everything in that dialogue....

Man, I lost it!!!

I was so excited! I knew a language that NO ONE else knew in my neighbourhood... at least a far as I knew, and that made me feel so good about myself, because I felt like I was in on a secret.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I'm proud of myself!

Shoot, that was a great day for me!!!

By Jon Tyson on Unsplash


I'm guessing that you're looking to learn Spanish, right? Well, it's really simple, But you have to know how I do things 'round here...

When I was trying to learn languages from book, at first, they made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!!!!

Why!? Because you basically had to be a university professor in English before you can ever learn what their trying to teach you in some other language!! They're telling me that I had to conjugate the verb from pre-post subtext in the past tense on a Thursday while Mercury's under the Scorpio moon and I'm holding my finger up to the west wind, like.... what? Yeah, I got a finger for yuh! It's a pain in the neck!

By JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Then I took a step back a thought about it... how come it was so easy to learn English, or whatever our first language was? Because we learned it ONE WORD AT A TIME!!!

You learned, "bottle"

Then you learned, "up"

Eventually you learned "want bottle"

Then "want up"

Before your parents knew it, it was, "Mommy, I want the bottle", and, "Daddy, I want up".

And most importantly, They were words that you used IMMEDIATELY. You needed them right away, so you used them right away.

Alright, enough of that. Let me teach you something.

Yo ............................................ I

Comer...................................... to eat

Quiero...................................... (I) want

Pan........................................... Bread

Banana..................................... [I think you get that one.]

Como........................................ (I) eat

I know I said ONE at a time, but hear me out...

We gon' drill this...

First in Spanish, so you can get used to hearing the words come out your mouth:

Read 'em, then Translate 'em, OUT LOUD:


Yo como

Yo quiero

Yo como pan

Yo como banana

Yo quiero comer

Yo quiero comer pan

Yo quiero comer banana

Yo quiero banana

Yo quiero pan

Now the negative sentences ( You're smart, you got this.):

Yo no quiero

Yo no como

Yo no como pan

Yo no como banana

Yo no quiero comer

Yo no quiero comer pan

Yo no quiero comer banana

Yo no quiero pan

Yo no quiero banana

I wrote so many drill sentences so that you'll get them drilled into your head. I hope that you said them out loud, In English and Spanish! That was the point!

Now, I want you to translate these sentences -- OUT LOUD! (YOU GOT THIS!):

I want to eat. I don't want bread, I want banana. I don't eat bread. I want to eat banana.


And what was, that, five minutes!? And you didn't have to conjugate a DAMN THING!!

By Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how I roll. I don't eff around with words I don't need.

Now at the end of all my posts, I'm going to recommend to you something that I'm watching in Spanish.... More likely from Netflix.

Right now, I'm watching, "Siempre Bruja", or "Always a Witch". Again, it's on Netflix.

It's about a slave in Colombia, back in, like, the 1600s, and she's a very powerful witch. she falls in love with the slave master's son, and when they're found out, she's captured and sentenced to burn at the stake. In jail, she meets a man when knows about her-- Oh, I forgot to mention, that the son's parents believed that he was only in love with the witch because he was cursed, so to save him, his father shot him.

Anyway, the guy in the jail cell next to hers knows about her and tells her of a way that she can save her love... but in involves going forward in time 400 years, and meet someone who has a potion to set both of them free. She has to get it, bring it back, and and give it to the guy in the cell, who is also a witch. With it, he will save her love... It's really good!! I'm on the second season already.

Anyway, that's it for now. I will be posting Spanish Language post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Thank You So much For Stopping By!!!

You can find out more about me and the things I do here:




And of course, if you're into what I write and you'd like to see more ('Cause I do more than act like a Spanish teacher), You can have a gander at the rest of my works HERE on Vocal.Media.

'Kay, Catch you in the next one!!! Vaya Con Dios, or somethin'...

I'm -- I'm not cool, just go with it.


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Amargeaux Rai

I am a freelance writer, blogger, poet and artist who studies Holistic medicine, palmistry, herbalism, and astrology. I also love interpreting dreams, eating chocolate and giving hugs.

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