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This World Alone

The Forgotten World

By M R HerringPublished 2 years ago 9 min read
(art by grandpa)


The most pure of souls vacated this only world. No stars twinkled the sky beyond PerGhloria, and no sun came to shine. The world needed not these beautiful sights; it was beauty itself.

The light within kept the world warm and the cool darkness turned it about through space. The spirits inhabiting this planet thrived and became the first who entered this universe.

Beginnings. This is the start of something new. The first moment of life and creations.

And just like there are beginnings, there are ends too.

The world had been surrounded by all consuming emptiness forever, and not one Being paid it much attention because the planets soul-core covered the world with a bright golden glow. Light gave everything any Being needed. Life. Love. Joy.

A pure light, masking the world from what could have been out there. Everything was just as it needed to be. Perfect. Pure. Untouched.

The brightest and most sacred of places, was Mount Orlie.

Within the mountain, eroded by wind for a thousand years, a path lead into a spiral downward to the planets core. The Soul Light of the world. Since the beginning, two Beings held it's ground to guard the Soul Light within what is called Corelie. The source of the world's power. A Stone.

It was no easy task protecting this intrinsic elemental object.

Mrteusse, a Being of PerGhloria, a descendant of The Ancient Guardians of Mount Orlie, became the newest guard of the only mountain seen from all ends of the world.

Mrteusse, was as a form of a man, and was easy to succumb to desire and every other temptation. He was of the few who knew not what they said or did. Who didn't understand the importance of the mountain and how the rest felt of it's value to the world. He was kind at times, but he was also ignorant and only wanted. He wasn't very forgiving, nor grateful for all that he would ever need.

Every day, within the wonders of the mountain, Soul Light within Corelie was guarded, kept safe. There by, Mrteusse, he desired the end. He wished for more.

Every time he held guard to Corelie, he moved closer to it. No guard may move from their selected position. It was against the beliefs of The Ancient Guardian's rule. But something called for him. Something drew his soul closer. The power of Corelie is so great that if any being grows nearer to it, they will be destroyed.

The guards are Mrteusse and Paracce. On a day just like every other, the world's incandescent glow cast like a rainbow over the sky a yellow hue. Mrteusse guarded outside atop the mountain. Below, Paracce kept an eye outward to anything or anyone that could be attracted to the essence of the Stone, Corelie.

Underneath the surface of PerGhloria, a dark blue aura surrounded Corelie. Inside the world, where Paracce stood, behind him the aura changed, attracting his eyes to look. Whispering from the Stone swallowed up his attention. His eyes grew wide and a power began to pull his body towards the Stone. The force of it grew stronger and he couldn't reach out and grab the rocks near him, which are like stalagmites, yet they are red formations. Paracce now forced against the Stone, eyes blinded by the interchanging lights of the aura, something tells him a word. And his eyes close softly. The force lets him go. Arms stretched over to grab hold of a stalagmite, and it breaks. Holds it with both hands over his head and clashes it against the Stone twice. A size of the Stone as big as a skull crumbles apart from Corelie. Paracce pulls cloth from his uniform and wraps it around the sizeable chunk. It wasn't time for leave from his position to the other, but he left behind what remained of this perfect stone and headed towards the surface. Paracce arrived next to Mrteusse, opened his eyes and faced him. "I did what you wanted." Paracce voiced to Mrteusse. "Paracce? What does that mean?" He replied and was shocked in terror. "Paracce.... what happened to you? Where are your eyes??" "We're going to end everything, now don't back away, this is what you wanted." Paracce smirked, darkness replaced his lost eyes. "I don't want anything to end. What happened to you??"

Paracce's mouth curved to a frown. He uncovered the stone, pulled a piece apart from it and shot it into Mrteusse's chest. He leaned forward to the edge of Orlie, appearing betrayed by his best friend, and fell. His body scathed down against the mountain's wall, all he could've been disappeared, his soul escaped into oblivion.

Paracce closed his body, his arms around the stone and knelt down beside the path downward the mountain. Rapidly uttering a foreign language, his own being crumbled away into sand. The stone tumbled down the path, a few pieces coming apart from it. It finally hit the end, near Mrteusse's body. It just stayed there for a minute.

The grounds shook. Cracks formed around Mrteusse and the stone. The quaking from the ground shocked the stone and the stone shard inside his chest to emit various color. Pulsating beams of light out of them into the golden sky. The grounds split further, breaking away from everything. The power within the stone and the shard was too great they both shattered, at the same time the grounds extracted from the mountain off and away from the world into space. When this happened the skies separated, the glow parted, and black emptiness was revealed to the pure and now imperfect Beings. The shattered stone and shard left PerGhloria, scattered into the vast darkness, wherever they may roam.

Here starts the beginning of the end.

"That's not how I remember the story." A girl said.

"Ah. Yes. Because you were there?"

A young man replied.

"Mhm. I would've been some kind of angel watching over everyone."

"Right. You surely were. And still are!"

"That's true!"

The girl pushed the young man into a pile of wheat, just then harvested crop. "Hey, we shouldn't be playing now, we gotta get this job done before sundown." He looked to the girl sincerely, then smiled. She smiled and giggled back, hiding behind the wheat pile. "Can't find me!" She yelled out.

"Mileey.. Where could she have gone? I guess I'll never know. I should go tell her mom she was nowhere to be found. She'll be pretty upset with me." Mileey giggled and hushed herself.

"I'm right here brother!" She hopped up, arms stretched to the sky falling towards him.

"There you are! I was getting a little worried myself." Her brother snatched her and swung her up and spun round in a circle. "You think it's time for supper?"

"Yeah! I want soup. But not that gross red soup."

"Tomato? Oh, Roscato? I must agree with you there. We'll get something you like made up. Alright?"

"Yay! let's go home! I'm starving!"

The two hurried up their last job, carrying over wheat for a few miles back to a boat at the edge of shore.

"Here you go. Now hop in."

The boat rocked side to side.

"Oar!" "One moment M."

Everything was ready in it's place. He got in and began to row down a stream. Yonder the marsh, a view of a beautiful island of forest trees appeared. Mileey sat at the bow, excitedly waiting to be home.

"Sure gonna miss this place." The young man softly spoke to himself.

He kindly smiled, enjoying every passing moment.

What comes next in the lives yet to be known, are several adventures, trials, and temptations. This young man dreams often of a creature he's never met and has always loved since the first moment he dreamt of it. A human. A young woman. Her eyes were kind and her smile welcoming. Everything else out of focus. He closes his eyes and knows he loves her. He knows her just by her presence in his mind. She's special... and he feels this.

No matter the moment, the state of his being, the thought of this beautiful girl keeps this boy true to his word and inspires him to be a better man every day. To be kind, like her eyes. To be welcoming to others, like her smile.

Years go by and many unexpected things occur in the lives of all the beautiful Beings, scattered among the unknown universe. Kingdoms grow, battles begin, winters causing significant troubles, and more outlaws are created.

The young man and his sister grow up, their parents forced to separate because of war, and their siblings having trouble to understand what was left of Light and Hope, that these things and Faith will overcome all Calamity.

Amongst the bitterness of the Divide from PerGhloria that grew into their own Parties for the last hundred years... A girl comes to the First World, PerGhloria, aslo known as The Forgotten World. She would be the start of a new war, one war that would end all wars. A young woman who will come to fall in love with all the worlds of this foreign universe, and all the Beings that lived there.

She will come to make alive every Being she meets, awakening them from long slumber, creating a spark in each to act on what is truly right. And to let go of all evil that had been done before. Move on and grow the most purest of nations again. By her spirit and love, everything will be peaceful and clear once again. Just as it should be. Relieve pains and forgive those that have done wrong, begin anew, and love each other for they were all once, a family. Her appearance in these spectacular, and often chaotic times, brings back light within the eyes that seek New Life. New Beginnings. New Worlds.

She walked through a place left behind, a home forgotten. She was drawn to a mysterious power, her spirit knew that it was a humble force. Something of Mother Nature Life and Purity. A box on a shelf in a mess of a library, within stone walls; came through the handmade carpentry, a calming aura. A blue hue of subtle light. Her eyes bright and curious opened this masterpiece. The light grew brighter, not blinding though, she touched it and it took form around it a metal in the shape of her necklace. A heart-shaped locket. The locket faded away over the bright curiosity. A shard of stone. The stone became the locket. She gently took it out and wrapped it around her neck. She held it. Closed her eyes. Breathed. And smiled. "Thank you. I'll do all I can." She whispered.

The End.

For now.

Thank you! Have a wondrous .day

fact or fiction

About the Creator

M R Herring

She aspires to be a linguist, an author, an entrepreneur, and actress. She's overcome every nightmare in her world, and now she's headed down the wonderful path of life to make her dreams come alive!


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