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The Best Way to Go on a Night-time Picnic Around Sydney Harbour

by Scarlett Stark 2 years ago in australia
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Sydney harbour dinner cruise

Harbour cruise dinner

Sydney, is the most densely populated city in Australia and it continues to be one of the most visited cities in the world. The sparkling Sydney Harbour is home to the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and many other important landmarks. Get on board a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise to marvel at the white sails of the Opera House that shimmer in the colours of twilight and see the towering Harbour Bridge while indulging in a delicious dinner that is freshly prepared by experienced chefs. Until Captain Authur Philip came along in 1788, New South Wales was once merely a convict province. And now, it’s impossible to imagine that this exuberant coastal city was anything less than what it is today!

Sydney’s history is woven into a rich fabric that boasts cobbled laneways and heritage structures of the Rocks and the city’s exceptional galleries, where you can learn more about the native aboriginals. The city also has brilliant seashores where you can surf the green-barrel breaks. Some interesting experiences that you may consider while touring this amazing city are BridgeClimb Sydney, dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour or a heli-tour of the city to fly over the city. The famous showboat at the harbour offers a mesmerising harbour cruise dinner that includes a 1-hour cabaret show “Voyage of Love” that is performed by talented Australian artists. There are parks and zoos in the city, if you’re looking for an engaging trip with your family.

The city is the most beautiful, in the sense that it is not only known for its picturesque destinations and its iconic landmarks, but also that it exists as a paradise for the foodies. Sydney has a number of vineyards and spectacular mountains, dedicated dining precincts and more. The native Aboriginal culture has its share of influence on the way the city eats as well. To think of more reasons to visit this exciting city, you can experience snorkelling at some of the best snorkelling spots in the world or climb the famous landmarks.

The sunset dinner cruises in Sydney, with its luxe appearance and not-to-be-missed cruising experience are one of the most recommended dining settings in Sydney. The Harbour provides the best and most stunning views and these cruises offer a premium restaurant-quality dining experience which contributes towards a relaxing cruise dining experience. The glory of Sydney Harbour is most pronounced at night, as the fabulous lights make up a mesmerising view city that is something that one can never forget.

The perfect choice for any situation, be it a birthday party, a business meet, or a get together with your family, a Harbour cruise dinner is the ultimate solution for all. The dedicated team onboard the cruise will make sure that all your dining necessities are met.

There is a wide range of vessels available at the harbour, the most loved being the catamaran cruises and the luxury glass pontoon cruises. Some of the dining options offered on board the cruises extend from a smorgasbord buffet to a luxury 3-course seated and served menu. Most cruises come with a premium beverage package and other refreshments. So, grab this chance to indulge in your favourite drinks and beverages that add a punch to your cruising experience!

Absorb the splendid sights of the celebrated harbour on a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise to make a perfect night out in the city. Known as the most excellent port in the world, Sydney Harbour is a must-visit destination place. Dinner cruises are an exciting choice for both the Sydneysiders and the tourists who come to explore the city from a different perspective.


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