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South Padre Island

Isla Blanca RV Park Review

By Karen Published 2 years ago 3 min read
South Padre Island
Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

We stayed at Isla Blanca RV Resort for three nights in early February.

First, let’s get the negatives out of the way. The sand burrs are terrible. Our poor dogs’ paws got stuck multiple times which meant our fingers got poked multiple times. We started carrying around a multi tool that had a set of pliers on our walks. There was an area that was near the Cristo de Los Pescadores Statue that had better grass. This is not a guarantee that there aren’t any, but there seemed to be less.

The check-in process was terrible. No one tells you that you have to check in at a little building before you enter the park which is actually in front of the KOA. Turning a big rig around was a bit tricky and finding parking when everyone else wanted to check in on a Monday was tough. We had a separate car so I parked in the lot and waited in line while my husband found a spot for the rig.

Other than those negative pieces the park and South Padre Island were wonderful. The RV park is big. We had a spacious spot. The map online is decently accurate to indicate which spots are smaller and which spots are wider. For example, C139 was wider and C255.

The park doesn't have direct beach access but it is pretty easy to get to depending on where you are in the park. At the end of Turner St was an opening in the fence that we could acces Laguna Madre, or atleast get to a sidewalk along it. There were spots that were closer to the Gulf and had better access to the beach. When we were there we saw a lot of small Man-Of-War jellyfish washed up. They were easily avoidable however you just had to be aware and careful. I was unable to do a lot of beach walking so I was unable to tell how good the shells were. I did find a starfish that might have still been alive so I returned it to the Gulf. The sand was soft and many people were building sandcastles.

The park is across the water from Boca Chica and a SpaceX launch site. We were lucky enough to be able to see a launch. The SN9 was supposed to launch before we got there but it was delayed. We saw a bunch of people sitting in this grassy area and asked what was going on. Side note for seeing a SpaceX launch: make sure you have plenty of sunscreen, snacks, water and chairs. The launch was supposed to launch around 10:00 and then got delayed ...and delayed ...and delayed until it finally went at 2:30.

We did some exploring on South Padre Island. Pier 19 and South Padre Brewing Company had good food and good drinks. Pier 19 was over the water and we were able to watch some dolphins which was pretty cool. The town of South Padre seems very resort and touristy. Large shops with t-shirts and knick-knacks, what I call rubber tomahawk shops. Lots of restaurants and bars, lots of hotels. Since we were there in the winter I can only imagine what it would be like during spring break time and the summer months. We had minimal time on the island and did enjoy our stay. We could stay longer like 3 months or so in order to see the sites and do the activities we did not get to do including, but not limited to, Sea Turtle Inc, Boca Chica Beach and some of the hiking on the island.

Due to being more of a resort area there was less industry unlike some of the other coastal resorts I have previously stayed at.

Overall I would recommend staying at Isla Blanca Park and South Padre Island. It was a fun adventure and I look forward to going back!


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