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Some golden advice for Umrah pilgrims

by hajj umrah package about a year ago in middle east
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Umrah pilgrims

Performing of Umrah is the dream of every Muslim as it is the visit of sacred places of Islam. Muslims look for the best and cheap travel packages to fulfill their religious desire. If you are willing to perform Umrah this year, cheapest Umrah packages 2021 is the best choice for you. Quench your thirst of performing worships in the House of Allah. Visit all those places where Prophet of Allah has spent his whole life. You need to book packages in advance to get the hotels near Holy Haram and to save your money.

Things to keep in mind during journey:

Whole journey of Umrah is a learning journey for Muslims. Pilgrims perform Tawaf of House of Allah and also perform worships in other famous and sacred sites of Islam. You need to remain careful during whole journey and also during your stay in the holy sites. Some scholars and travel agencies share following instructions for your Umrah. Acting upon these instructions will benefit you in different ways.

1. Choose trusted travel agency:

Beware of the fraudulent agencies as they take your money and get vanished. Choose the trusted travel agency recommended to you by your relatives and friends.

2. Know about all the rites of Umrah:

Muslims should be aware of all the rites of Umrah to perform Umrah correctly. Pilgrims should remain away from misdoings.

3. Take sufficient food:

You are required to take sufficient amount of food that should maintain your body strength during worships in the holy sites.

4. Take water with you:

You should take more than required amount of water in hot areas because lack of water may cause dehydration and you may fall.

5. Take you children and elders with you:

If you are married and want to perform Umrah, you should take your babies with you. It is great chance to nurture your children according to the teachings of Islam. Also take your parents with you for Umrah. It will be a great favor for them from your side.

6. Keep your documents safe:

You are required to keep your passport and other documents safe during the whole journey of Umrah.

7. Don't hurt other pilgrims:

You should take care of your all Muslim brothers during Tawaf and other rites of Umrah. Don't push anybody because it is unethical in Islam. Old pilgrims also come to perform Umrah, so you need to give them special attention.

8. Keep yourself safe from heat:

Weather conditions are unbearable in Saudi Arabia as it is the country of Deserts. Pilgrims are required to take safety steps for themselves otherwise they will face many health problems.

9. Pray for your parents and relatives:

Pilgrims should pray for their parents, relatives and for those who asked them to pray for them. It is the golden time for pray and Muslims should take advantage of this golden time.

10. Perform as many worships as you can:

Pilgrims should remain away from the bad doings and should perform as many worships as they can. It will make Allah happy and will bring you close to Allah.

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