Road Trip Tips

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Road Trip Tips
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Hello! Ever since I had my first long drive I knew there was no stopping me from driving to further places. While I enjoy a quiet and peaceful suburb state I also like to explore and experience. As the clichè says, experience is the best teacher and this to me is very true. See, even when I first tried long driving I make sure I have everything I need for the trip. But no matter how I planned, something always comes up. And to avoid being stressed out I would like to share my unsolicited tips for keeping away bad vibes on your trip.

1. Check your vehicle.

What if your car needs oil change, tire pressure or worse, a new belt? You can never go wrong with this one. No matter what you’re driving, always do maintenance precaution before going on a road trip. Saves you from what could go wrong in the road, saves you from unprecedented expenses.

2. Learn about the route of your destination.

The longest that I’ve driven by myself is 12 hours away from my place. 16 hours for when I had a friend with me. And with these trips I took, I learned that it is necessary to research about the destination ahead of time. For sure GPS gives you the fastest route, but it doesn’t tell you which gives you the best sceneries mother nature has to offer. This of course is an option if you’re willing to take the time.

3. Spare some cash.

Living in a first world country made me more dependent on card swiping because of course it’s convenient and skips you from carrying the bulky purse. However, it is also smart to keep some cash when you’re far away from home. Particularly for tolls and tipping, cash is necessary. And it comes handy for the “we don’t receive card” kind of situations.

4. Catch the Zzz.

The night or day before leaving for the trip make sure to get that sleep you need. Long drives require focus on the road and quick decision making skills. If you’re a lone driver you cannot fall asleep, but stop in a resting area if you must. Better safe than sorry as I’ve said. If you have a friend with you make sure to take turns in driving.

5. Weather forecast.

Do not forget to check the weather on the day of your trip. You will arrive on your destination on time if you avoid the unpleasant roads. In my personal experience, being stuck in a thunderstorm storm is definitely lightning traumatizing. Snowstorm is worse. You can’t see anything, roads are icy and slippery, and it’s just too cold. You need to watch out for tornado warning across the interstate too. Keep in mind that your ootd would also work better if it matches the weather. And cancel the trip if there is a national advisory. Safety first always.

6. Snacks

Having something to munch on while driving is just a necessity to me. I don’t want to stop over a lot because I want to be on my destination on time. Instead of lining up for order in a resto or fast food, I just bring food, whether it’s real or the junks. It really saves time.

7. Car Jam.

What do you do when you’re driving for long hours? Sing your heart out! I downloaded the Spotify app and 90s love songs is my go to list. Try it, it’s really satisfying and relieving. You won’t even notice you’re already in your destination.

Aside from these points, I’m sure there’s still a ton more to take note of. I hope these would be something you will remember to make your trip hassle free. And don’t forget to be always safe when driving.

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