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Pyramids Found Beneath Antarctic ice | The UnXplained

Mystery Unexplained, Check it out

By Brajesh SharmaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Pyramids Found Beneath Antarctic ice | The UnXplained
Photo by Tetiana Grypachevska on Unsplash

Antarctica, the world's coldest and most inhospitable continent, can be found at the bottom of our planet.

Antarctica is covered in ice sheets that are more than a mile thick and cover more than 5 million square miles. The daily average temperature is 49 degrees below zero.

Additionally, wind speeds can exceed 100 mph. Today, the main occupants of this desolate scene are researchers who work in research stations dispersed across the landmass.

For a long time, mainstream geologists have held the belief that the hostile climate of Antarctica prevented ancient humans from settling there.

Amazingly, satellite images from 2016 showed a strange formation emerging from the ice that some researchers believe could be a pyramid made by humans.

Antarctica has recently been the subject of numerous reports of massive, great pyramids. They appear flawless, just like those in Egypt, as they protrude from the ice and snow. However, they dwarf Egyptian monuments like the Great Pyramid. One has an entirely square bases that is 2 kilometers square toward every path.

Therefore, could it be that our ancestors actually made it to the Antarctic continent and even established themselves there?

An artificial pyramid beneath the ice of Antarctica?

Naturally, there are some questions to be asked if such an incredible concept is true.

On Antarctica, how was such a massive structure constructed?

When and by whom was it carried out?

Andre Cooper: Geologists have informed us that Antarctica has been covered in ice for many millions of years.

However, there is evidence that it may have been free of ice up until 4000 BC, at least in some areas.

Stories of so-called culture heroes who made it to the Antarctic continent are common in Polynesia.

In a book titled "Out of Antarctica," a French academic by the name of Argod compiled all of these different tales.

The Polynesia people tell stories about this strange land with white rocks that look like icebergs and other animals like seals and penguins. It seems like the place that is now known as Antarctica.

The Polynesian people considered this to be the ancestral home.

Additionally, they stated, "This is where we originated."

If this were false, why did they believe it?

Is it true that the coldest place on Earth was once warm enough for people to live there?

In order to investigate the possible climate of the Antarctic continent thousands of years ago, German geologists took core samples from deep within the frozen sea floor in 2017.

Their findings were mind-boggling.

John Klages says: We used a very unique sea floor drill rig that had never been used in Antarctica before on that expedition at the beginning of 2017.

So, when we used this special drill rig and the sediments came up, we saw over 60 different taxa of plants that were similar to what you would find in a rainforest and at a temperature that was similar to what we now know to be in Northern Italy.

The most exciting thing about finding that on the Antarctic continent was that the climatic conditions no longer permit any vegetation to survive there.

I believe that the Antarctic continent and the secrets that still need to be recovered will reveal a lot about Earth based on that location and the environment we discovered.

There are many more adventures that we may stumble upon in our daily dwellings, it is not easy to identify one unless its passed, Believe me.

you are as incredible as the adventure around you. Keep travelling, the experiences i share here are true and mind opening. Keep Travelling and hustling . please support me as you can.

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