Post-COVID-19: The World Is My Oyster Again

Traveling through sacred places to find hope

Post-COVID-19: The World Is My Oyster Again
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When you have been in quarantine as long as we have, the world becomes small and confined. The thirst to travel and see people again becomes a distant dream you want to be in.

Before COVID-19 struck and quarantine became a way of life, I traveled almost every month. I have been traveling around the world since 15! I am a nomad, my soul thrives on travels and adventures. But that privilege was taken away...for now. As I look through my window, like a little kid ready to go play again, I see my future bright and clear.

After COVID-19, I will travel again. But for now I take a trip to a different place - a place where we rarely get to travel that is within us. I am able to explore inner parts of myself, learning about my passions, my inner wisdom, self and values as I explore my mind, spirit and soul through meditation, soul summits, journaling and contemplation. I enjoy the journey and I am almost seeing the shore, the light at the end of the tunnel in the depths of my subconsciousness, mind and soul. I am ready for you world!

I am ready to travel outside again. I dream of traveling to Nepal and Tibet - the two most sacred and spiritual places on Earth. I always wanted to go there. I envision myself hiking the Himalayas and conquering that unknown for me part of the world. I see the beautiful mountain, I smell the fresh air and I am full of light, hope and optimism. I jump out of joy as I plan my daily hikes, visits to spiritual sacred places and meeting enlightened gurus.

What is next you ask? Next stop - India. I am going on a live meditation retreat in India. I am on my way to the Taj Mahal ready to explore. I am thinking of the amazing trinkets and jewelry I am going to buy and the elephant rides I am going to take. I feel like a queen, the queen of enlightenment and joy, carried away by the most scared animal in India- the elephant. I enjoy my ride as I look away in the distance and remember what I have accomplished.

I feel amazing! I had just traveled to three unique spiritual places - Nepal, Tibet and India. I feel enlightened and happy, ready for my next adventure. I think I am ready for love! I have been in quarantine for so long that I have forgotten what romantic love feels like - dining, taking walks, watching Netflix, kissing, romance, and you get the rest. I picture us in Hawaii, holding hands in the sunset ready to explore us.

I feel complete. I had just met the love of my life and traveled to my dream destinations. I am ready to explore more. I am going to travel to historic Native American reserves and meet local Native Americans. I am going to learn all about their daily lives, history and culture. I want to emerge myself in that ancient culture I always wanted to learn more about and maybe smoke the peace pipe with them! I think I could even be the next Pocahontas, if they let me pretend for a day...

Wow, so much travel and culture under my belt! I almost forgot my 9-year-old daughter is waiting for me home. I must return back to Chicago and share with her all the beautiful things I learned about my adventures, trips, cultures and love. We are going to sit down and share a warm cup of hot chocolate talking about all that I have seen, the people I have met and the new love I found. She listens to me excited with eyes wide open and smiles as she sips on her hot cocoa. I feel complete post COVID-19...I almost forgot I am still living in quarantine. The world is a different place then...happy and peaceful! See you soon world! Bon Voyage!

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