Planning a Trip to Tokyo Disney

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From the US to Tokyo, a Nine Day Trip

Planning a Trip to Tokyo Disney

To start I have just started planning this trip a couple of weeks ago. I am writing this because I cannot find a blog or a vlog that discuses the coast of traveling to Disney Tokyo. I have seen some on where to stay, how to get there, what to buy, but never how much you should save to go there.

Granted, I don't live in Tokyo so my research has been done online here in the US, but hopefully this can help others who might want to take a trip. To convert the Yen to USD I will be using converter I found online (not hard to find one, just Google it, but do be sure to put it on Japan's yen). Also, the trip I am going to be laying out is a nine day trip: three travel days (depending on flights, four Disney days, two days to explore Tokyo).

You first have to decide when you want to go. The best times I have read to go is early in the year, Jan-March or the fall, Sept-Nov. These were picked because of weather and these are the times the parks are least likely to be overcrowded. BEWARE of Japanese holidays like Golden Weekend. These are the times when the park will be really, really, really busy!

The biggest cost is going to be your plane ticket or hotel depending on where you live and what you are comfortable with. I used to live on the west coast, which I see is the best place to fly out of because there are flights out of California to Tokyo for around $450. I live on the east coast in Virginia and the prices go anywhere from $630 to $1,300. If you are on the west coast it seems you can be more strict with what days you want to go, but here in the east you want to be very flexible. To pick an average ticket price lets say you need $800 for a plane ticket.

Now the hotel. How many trains you wanna take and how much you wanna spend is really going to determine how much you will need. They have these cool hotels called capsule hotel. These hotels you'll have to do a little research on, to really get the idea. In short though, they have a locker you can lock all of your personal belongings in. They have a shared bathroom and sleeping quarters, but you have your own little capsule to sleep in. If you are claustrophobic, this is probably not the best option, however, if you're not and you wanna save a ton of money you can find very nice capsule hotels for $20-$80 a night. If you book before you go you can save even more! I did read if you stay outside of Disney it is best to stay in places like Shibuya, Ebisu, Tokyo Station Area, because they are close to the metro stations and Disney.

So if we need say the first and last day of our nine days is travel we need a room for seven nights. I found a really nice place for $20 a night for seven nights, but for this we'll go in between and say we found one for $40 a night and that is $280. Now were up to $1,080.

If you plan on staying at a Disney Resort then you'll be paying anywhere from $170-$500 a night... we'll say $1,400. There you're looking at $2,200. There are many resorts to choose from and the prices fluctuate.

Now, tickets to the park! I think this park is one of the cheapest. A four day park hopper (which is what I am getting) is about $201.They say it is better to buy your ticket before you go to the park because it saves a lot of time waiting in line. Now our count is $1,281 or with a fancy hotel $2,401.

Now, for the miscellaneous things like train travel, food, souvenirs. For this I think its best to have a daily spending limit and also think about what you want more of. Do you want to try all the food there or are you wanting to buy more souvenirs? Let's say you need $30 for food, $20 train money (one of the harder things to find online so this is just a guess), and $20 for souvenirs. That is $70 a day (again these are all depending on you). Lets just round this up and say you need $500 for all of that fun stuff. $1,781 or $2,901.

I like to round up just in case I missed something so you'll need anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 for a trip to Tokyo Disney.

**Also a quick note, most overseas places only take credit cards! So if you don't want to run one up $2,000, you could save for a hotel and plane ticket and then pay off what you spend on the credit card when your back in the states.

I hope this help and thanks for reading!

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