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Places You Should Visit in Manali

Don't Miss These Places While Visiting Manali

By Manjit Kishore VermaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Places You Should Visit in Manali
Photo by Vishal Bhutani on Unsplash

Often called the “Heaven of Earth”, Kullu Manali is amongst the most popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Featured with mountain slopes covered with snow along with spell-binding views, charming streams. Moreover, a fairy-tale-like fog surrounding the little hidden cottages and the scent of pines and freshness. An awesome place for couples looking for an awesome break in India.

Located at the Western Himalayas ranges, the “Land of Snow” is proving the existence of Heaven on Earth. With the cluster of beautiful hill stations, snowfalls in Manali become very beautiful. Furthermore, with enchanting villages and lush green landscapes, it’s amongst India’s most popular tourist destinations.

Himachal Pradesh has faced a tremendous decline in the number of the case, As for the threat of Nobel Corona Virus. A sign of positivity is blowing by the comeback from 2020 for all the Manali tourism along with Himachal Pradesh, flourishing once again.

However, the largely contributed occupation in the entire Himachal Pradesh is agriculture along with the hospitality industry, contributing to the economy. Although, you must know the COVID-19 Himachal Pradesh, Manali regulations before visiting.

People who suffered from the trap of lockdown left the confines of their homes to take a break from the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. Although the second wave paused their move as the situation is getting under control, people are willing to move their feet again.

The important point you must ensure is the new guidelines for entry in Himachal Pradesh. The COVID curfew is imposed between 5 PM till 9 AM, though essential commodities and shops will be opened. However, the one looking straight to its dream location won’t stop either. The Himachal Pradesh state as well as Manali tourism has opened its gates for tourists but Manali travel guidelines are following on a strict note.

Below are COVID-19 Guidelines for Travelling to Himachal Pradesh.

By Air: Passengers traveling by air will be ensured that they must have gone through thermal screenings on their arrival. Also, No quarantine or mandatory covid test is required while entering Himachal Pradesh.

However, one must have to register through the ongoing COVID care app, Aryogya Setu is mandatory for all the passengers while going for Manali Trip.

By Rail: There would be a requirement for an e-pass for the people traveling for Himachal Pradesh from 16th June. All kinds of thermal screening will be done at all checkpoints and entry points on Manali tourism. Advice: Must carry your linen while traveling especially for long journeys.

The heavy gathering from Manali tourism has driven the culture of the city into exploitation as a tourist destination, though the surrounding areas are still relatively untouched. Although Kullu Manali is amongst the most beautiful destination, one must have it on their bucket list.

Must See

Solang Valley

By Alik Ghosh on Unsplash

A quiet and the best-approached place to visit by tourists via road. The drive up to Solang is amazing as well as picturesque. Do not miss any chance to visit Solang Valley if you’re Kullu Manali. Once you’re there, try out some Chinese food as well, from the roadside shacks, and enjoy the views.

Old Manali

By Manil Raj on Unsplash

Swaying eucalyptus, amazing views while driving on the lovely roads, sweet little eateries, small kitschy, and those market places along with cases that will serve your favorite continental food at unbelievable low rates. The serenity of Old Manali is only disturbed by the twittering birds and the sound of the gushing water from the river Kullu.

Rohtang Pass

By Sandeep Kr Yadav on Unsplash

Rohtang Pass: Amongst the most beautiful throughout Manali Trip, the Rohtang pass spot in Manali with more than 25 lakh visitors every year is an amazing place for tourists looking for snowfall in Manali. The mountains get covered with snow in the winters, but unfortunately, we can’t get there that time. Hence, the pass remains closed during winters, from October and generally up to April.

Naggar Castle

By Dhaval Trambadiya on Unsplash

Amazing place, Located in the Naggar Town, amidst breathtaking forested hills, The Naggar Castle is a magnificent historical edifice. Once served as the personal residence of Raja Sindh Singh of Kullu, this castle is an amalgamation of European along with Himalayan Architecture. Fireplaces, fitting staircases, and magnificent stone and woodworks grace the castle’s interiors.

Manu Temple

By Gagan deep on Unsplash

A large number of devotees visit the Manu Temple for their religious practice. Legends believe that Manu saved the holy Vedas and the seven sages from the great flood and subsequently made Manali their home. A visit to this revered temple will surely make your day, a great place in Himachal Pradesh, Manali.

Here are the COVID guidelines you will have to follow once you enter Himachal Pradesh. Do not forget to carry those essentials as they will help you in your further Manali tourism.

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