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Places You Can Visit for Under $25 a Day

For less than $25, you can visit places full of wonder and joy—the ideal place for a dream vacation.

By Larry RomulusPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Vacations can be incredibly expensive; it may seem impossible to find a place to visit where you won't need to spend any more than $25. The image one conjures when you think of cheap vacations is usually one of dilapidation, crime, and roaches.

But the truth is far better. Many of the places that are cheap USED to be that way, but have since improved in some fashion. Places in the middle of an economic crisis, recovering from a dictatorship, or that just aren't visited enough make ideal places to plan a trip. For less than $25, you can visit places full of wonder and joythe ideal place for a dream vacation.

Santorini, Greece

Because of Greece's economic crisis, many places are lowering their prices, desperate for tourists. This is ideal for a traveler on a budget. Nothing is better for you than a country collectively lowering their prices.

Santorini is a beautiful locale, full of gyros and wine at low prices. Hotels will roll out the red carpet for anyone willing to pay, even if you're paying a mere $15 a night. Not to mention Santorini's beautiful environment is breathtaking.

Goa, India

Goa is an ideal place to relax. There are tons of beaches where you can relax and do whatever you want. Tons of beaches, and all of them are great.

But there's also a surprising hippie scene in Goa that makes it the go-to place if you want to live like a hippie for a little while. Go to a cheap hotel, enjoy some inexpensive food... and relax on a beach with the hippies.

Lombok, Indonesia

While many cities of the Indonesian island Bali, such as Kuta, end up being tourist magnets full of typical touristy attractions, Lombok remains unblemished by the corroding touch of tourism.

Enjoy a pure tropical experience for far less money than it would cost to enjoy the manufactured one next door. Good food. Good beaches. And cheap.

Oh, and sea turtle sanctuaries.

Medellin, Colombia

Once the murder capital of the world, Medellin has developed quite the reputation as a center for the arts. The city has really cleaned up, though its reputation scares many from ever coming near it.

But that's not why you should go. You should go because the dollar is worth far more than the Peso, which means you can buy tons of stuff for cheap there. Coffee, dinner, beer—all for cheap!

Panama City, Panama

Central America is a hot-spot for tourists, but Panama City may be best for those of you on a budget. While it is less crowded than, say, Costa Rica, it is full of tons of stuff for an adventuring tourist.

Inexpensive wine bars. Tons of beautiful locations. It's like a foreign Miami, complete with sun, the beach, and the sea. Also, inexpensive food.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria isn't known for its tourist scene, which is a shame considering how beautiful it is. You can probably blame the Soviet Union and Communism for scaring away tourists.

Still, that's to your benefit. You can go to this ancient city of beautiful streets and buildings for cheap. Enjoy the Eastern-European cuisine and delicious beers at the local pubs. A place this beautiful should be more expensive. Be grateful it isn't.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cambodia used to be known for the Khmar Rouge and genocide. Thankfully, you can put those fears aside. Cambodia is quite safe for tourists—and quite cheap.

The capital city of Cambodia is full of sights and sounds that might bewilder you, but even more bewildering is how cheap certain places can be. Food is inexpensive. In fact, some beer is less than a dollar in price! A steal for any beer aficionado.


If you're willing to go cheap, you can take an adventure to this popular tourist destination. While you won't be able to stay at classy hotels or travel via boat from island to island, you can stay in a room that resembles a college dorm, eat good but inexpensive food, and explore the beaches somewhat.

Some hostels on Nadi are only $6 a night. And there is tons of food you can purchase that's pretty inexpensive. Granted, you won't be getting the full Fiji experience, but does that really matter? Part of Fiji is still Fiji.

Hoi An, Vietnam

This port city's water has dried up some, so business isn't doing so well there. Perfect for you to go in, and take advantage of another country's low prices thanks to economic difficulty.

The key here is the cooking. Nearby is a local cooking academy, so much of the food is very good, even the street food. The beach is nice as well, though a little crowded for most people.

Kampala, Uganda

Another location existing in the shadow of monsters, Uganda's tourist industry disappeared after the reign of Idi Amin. But the country has become significantly safer since Amin's passing. Not completely safe, but safer.

Several new clubs, theaters, and social centers are cropping up. From Uganda, you can visit other African landmarks, like the Nile and Chimpanzee Sanctuaries. All while spending very little for room and food.

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