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Nothing But Humid


By CompyBlancoPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Dust flying, not a single sign of human life around as I wake to my lips being parched and covered in sweat I sit up out of confusion and to my legs burning from the blazing sun. My boyfriend that I was with last night was laying next to me unconscious breathing heavily from the excessive heat wave hitting us I shake him to get him to wake up. Seeing how he looked like he was having a heatstroke I rip the side of my shirt and place it on his head to try to atleast get as much of shade for him.

Dilo finally woke after I sat there and panicked not knowing whats going on and where were at, there was no shelter except for a broken beat up building that could be seen in the distance. We struggle to get up while still in pain from all the heat our bodies have consumed while being unconcious for a uncertain amount of time. While looking around we could see tire tracks from where we were laying leading to nowhere, limping to the shabby building we searched for water. Leading to no luck my experience from camping out in the wilderness led me to finding out that cacti can storage water in the inside of the plants.

I decided to make dilo sit in the shed as I search for cacti and after plucking the thorns off the plant we drank all the excessive water that was available. Days turned into weeks of us being stranded not knowing why, with no cellphone service and not having our phones with us in general we just decided to tally how many days have passed by. When the one month mark came our little shabby shed that we've found has been transformed into a miniture house, we have made a better water source, found and raised camels.

From all the days we forcefully had to manage to survive in a desert, we decided to temporarily call it home. Not knowing how our family is doing or if they are frantically searching for us or even if they gave up or didn't even notice we were gone we were concentrated on how life would be with it just being the two of us. Not needing social media and with there being no drama, life just seemed easy but that was until the next day came.

The sky was dark though it seemed to be noon at the time, and from a distance there could be seen a ginormous wall of sand heading straight to us. Out of being stranded out there from day one this experience has never happened. I already had a hunch to what was heading directly towards us, I grab Dilo's hand since we were watching outside and we run inside the house for cover hoping that our camels would be okay.

Not even five minutes later the sound of banging started to get loud and the door can be seen trying to be pushed open from excessive force from the sand storm. I frantically looked around for big enough handmade furniture that would be heavy enough to hold the door shut just until the storm either died down or went by. Crashing can be heard from the roof, the prying noise of the wood being ripped off made me flinch the thought of the only place we can stay to survive every night is about to be demolished with us inside.

Taking cover in the living room we pray for survival, what felt like forever everything suddenly got quiet. Dilo got on his feet to look outside not knowing what was going to happen he tries to open the door with all his strength as the door starts to open the look of being in shock on his face can be seen clear as day, there was nothing but mountains of sand not even our camels could be seen. The thought of having to start all over again sunk in, all the progress after being stranded and all the hard work that was done is all over.

Giving up is what we decided to do, there was no more hope for us. All the hard and tiring work that was put into us surviving just got washed away from dust and sand. We hold hands as we lay there in the sun bringing back flashbacks of the day we woke stranded and of the happiness we created being alone together our eyes close and engulfed in the deserts parched silence, I was nothing but another grain of sand in the wind.


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