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One must travel to live a life, which is worth while

By Jagadish YerraguntaPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
let's breath the new air.... my love.

In the mystical realm of Eldoria, where magic and mythical creatures roamed freely, there lived a dark elf named Selene. With obsidian-black hair cascading down her slender frame and eyes the color of moonlit amethyst, Selene was a mesmerizing beauty among her kind. Unlike most dark elves who preferred the shadows, Selene had an insatiable wanderlust that called her to explore distant lands and unravel the secrets of the world.

Selene was an avid traveler, her heart fluttering with excitement whenever she embarked on a new adventure. She would traverse dense forests, climb towering mountains, and navigate treacherous caves, all in pursuit of the unknown. It was during one of her daring escapades that fate intervened and granted her an extraordinary gift.

In a remote corner of the ancient Woodland of Whispers, Selene stumbled upon a hidden shrine. Intrigued by its presence, she cautiously approached the altar and discovered a peculiar artifact resting upon it—a mystical orb pulsating with a radiant blue light. Drawn by its enigmatic allure, Selene gingerly reached out and touched the orb, her fingertips tingling with a surge of energy.

As soon as her skin made contact with the artifact, a wave of visions swept over her mind. She saw glimpses of events yet to unfold—wars, triumphs, and tragedies. The future unfolded before her eyes like an ethereal tapestry, and Selene found herself both fascinated and overwhelmed by the knowledge bestowed upon her.

Over time, Selene learned to control her newfound ability, honing her skills to peer into the future at will. She utilized her visions not for personal gain but to help those in need. She would journey to far-flung villages and towns, arriving just in time to prevent calamities and aid those on the brink of despair.

News of Selene's abilities spread like wildfire throughout the land. People sought her out, desperate for her guidance and foresight. Kings and queens, warriors and scholars all sought her counsel, valuing her visions as invaluable resources in times of uncertainty. Selene, however, remained humble and true to her adventurous spirit.

But as Selene continued to explore the mysteries of the world, she noticed a change within herself. The visions, once vivid and crystal clear, began to grow hazy and obscure. The future had become a tangled web of possibilities, impossible to decipher. Disturbed by this newfound uncertainty, Selene sought the counsel of an ancient seer named Rhyssa.

Rhyssa, a wise old elf with centuries of knowledge, listened intently to Selene's tale. She spoke softly, her voice laced with ancient wisdom, "Child, the gift you possess is both a blessing and a burden. The more you see, the more your own path becomes obscured. To regain clarity, you must embark on a personal journey—a quest to uncover the truth hidden deep within your heart."

Selene, eager to reclaim her once-clear visions, set forth on the path suggested by Rhyssa. She traveled to the sacred Shrine of Reflection, nestled atop the tallest peak of the Thundering Mountains. The journey was treacherous, but her determination pushed her forward.

Upon reaching the shrine, Selene stood before a pristine pool shimmering with moonlight. She gazed into its depths, searching for answers within herself. As her reflection stared back, Selene understood that the artifact had bestowed upon her a gift that was not meant to shape the future of others but to guide her own destiny.

With newfound clarity, Selene realized that her love for travel had always been intertwined with her desire to seek the unknown. The artifact had given her visions of the future to remind her that the true essence of life lies in the moments yet to come, in the uncharted paths waiting to be discovered.

Armed with this revelation, Selene bid farewell to her visions, knowing that the future was not hers to control. Instead, she embraced the present, savoring every adventure and relishing every encounter. Her travels continued, but with a renewed sense of purpose—to experience the wonders of the world and to inspire others to embark on their own quests.

And so, Selene, the dark elf with the gift of foresight, became a legend in Eldoria. Her tales were whispered around campfires, and her name was etched in the annals of history. But it was her boundless curiosity and unwavering spirit that truly made her shine. In the end, Selene's greatest adventure was not in the visions of the future but in the journey of self-discovery she undertook along the way.

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Jagadish Yerragunta

I like anime a lot , reading books , that inspired me to write .

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