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Montana's Top Eight Museums

Montana's Museums

By roycarterPublished 8 months ago 5 min read

Montana communities have an illustrious history, including mining towns, Native American-occupied areas, and species that once thrived in stunning vistas. This history is preserved in various museums throughout the state.

Explore Montana's vast landscapes, Native American culture, and the Jurassic era by visiting art museums. Discover artifacts from the Jurassic era and the history of the people who built Big Sky Country. Explore masterpieces by great painters and historical masters, and explore the magnificent world of history and art. Explore more museums in Montana for a truly immersive experience by booking flights to Montana.

1. Great Falls' C. M. Russell Museum

The Great Falls Museum showcases admired works by Charles Marion Russell, showcasing the North Plains' rich legacy through ink paintings, illustrated letters, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, and clay models. Russell's contributions to Montana's art are truly remarkable.

The complex in Montana showcases the 19th-century Montana cowboy lifestyle, stunning scenery, and over 3,000 art pieces. It features 16 galleries, academic centers, a research center, and a sculpture park. Visitors can explore the Northern Plains and Indians' cultural history, including Bison paintings, guns, and other displays. The Bison exhibition highlights the Bison's cultural significance from the nineteenth century to the early twenty-first century, while the gun display showcases its evolution in size, usage, and design.

The museum block offers education for both children and adults, offering group and school reservations for those who wish to attend. These reservations are customizable, and visitors can choose whether to be guided by specialists or enjoy a virtual tour if they cannot visit in person.

2. Helena, Montana Historical Society

Helena showcases over 50,000 artifacts from Big Sky Country, including archaeological artifacts, art, agricultural equipment, and mining objects. The exhibit also showcases Native American culture from Montana tribes like the Blackfeet, Salish, and Sioux people. Other exhibits include Chinese immigrants' costumes, ceremonial attire, 19th-century firearms, and riffle components. The rich history of Big Sky Country is evident in Helena's rich cultural heritage.

The museum houses the Original Governor's Mansion, an architectural masterpiece and historical monument. It features the Governor's inaugural attire, C.M. Russell paintings, and exhibits on Native American soldiers' history. Visitors can enjoy guided tours and browse physical and online stores for artifacts and historical books.

3. Bozeman's Museum of the Rockies

The Siebel Dinosaur Complex showcases a 15-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus rex replica, showcasing the world's largest collection of dinosaur archaeological remains. Visitors can explore the history of Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and other dinosaurs from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras.

The Living History Farm recreates a Montana homestead from the late 1800s and early 1900s, featuring prehistoric species like rhinos, mammoths, and Borophagus (bone-crushing dogs). The farm features a house built in 1889 and a barn completed in 1990, as well as reconstructed areas like a chicken coop, blacksmith shop, and granary. Visitors can experience the labor-intensive life of the past, including cooking, milking, baking, and wood splitting. The farm also features a plowed garden and other agricultural practices from the past.

Yellowstone Museum offers exhibits like bison murals and Native American paintings, showcasing the North Plain Indians' history. Visitors can explore the museum's children's museum and planetarium, while also visiting shops for mementos and souvenirs.

4. Butte's World Mining Museum

The World Museum of Mine in Montana, founded in 1963, offers a genuine live experience of a nineteenth-century mine yard in Montana. Set in a real mining area, the museum houses over 50 buildings, 66 permanent exhibits, and several artifacts. Visitors can hear the stories of miners who worked on the grounds and enjoy two tours: the underground mining tour and the regular admission tour.

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The Orphan Girl Mine and Orphan Girl Mine Yard offer a tour of Roy Garret's collection of minerals and rocks from his forty years as a miner. The Hell Roarin' Gulch is a recreation of an ancient mining town, featuring 15 antique houses and 35 constructions erected by volunteers using antiquated machinery. The former takes visitors 100 feet down to the Orphan Girl Mine, where they can observe mining gear.

5. Bozeman's American Computer & Robotics Museum

George Keremedjiev founded the American Computer and Robotics Museum in 1990, a pioneering institution in computer history. The museum offers a comprehensive journey through information technology, from stone tablet eras to the development of the first computer. Visitors can explore quantum computing, artificial intelligence, space exploration, coding, personal computers, and displays from renowned computer inventors.

6. Yellowstone Museum, West Yellowstone

The museum, established in 1908, focuses on the history of West Yellowstone's development and Yellowstone National Park. It explores various transportation modes, from horses to airplanes and tour buses, and provides insights into the park's history. Visitors can also learn about the history of trash bears and meet the famous Snaggletooth bear. Additionally, a guided tour of the Union Pacific Railroad offers a fascinating glimpse into the park's past.

7. Billings' Yellowstone Art Museum

YAM, established in 1964 at Yellowstone County Jail, focuses on acquiring art from competent artists from Montana and neighboring states. The museum's collections include murals, oil paintings, and water paintings. Visitors can explore the Visible Vault, which houses nearly 3,500 pieces of art. Additionally, YAM offers programs to cultivate artistic potential and support young artists in Yellowstone County.

8. Billings' Moss Mansion Historic House Museum

Moss' 1903 architectural masterpiece in Billings is a vital part of the city's historical culture. The home, erected by Preston Boyd Moss, was featured in the 1991 film Son of the Morning Star and the miniseries Return to Lonesome Dove. Visitors can explore the Moss family's lives and experience advanced features like electric doorbells, rotary telephones, and heated plumbing systems. If you want to know more about Montana then book flight tickets to Montana.


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